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Jenny Medeiros

Jenny is an engineer turned tech writer. She has hands-on experience in VR, AR, video game development, and UX-focused web design. Nowadays, she partners with tech companies to help explain emerging technologies simply. When she's not writing, she's likely daydreaming and forgetting her tea.
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4 Superb Ways Chatbots Are Streamlining HR

by Jenny Medeiros

Credit: Chatbot Magazine

Human Resources (HR) is the most essential department of any organization. From hiring and firing to payroll and staff complaints, it’s truly where the magic happens. However, anyone actually working in HR knows that it’s also full of time-consuming and repetitive admin tasks.

Here's How North Face Boosted Conversions Using AI

by Jenny Medeiros

Image credit: Fluid

What Are Alexa Skill Blueprints and What Can You Do With Them?

by Jenny Medeiros

Image credit: Amazon Blueprints

“Alexa, who is the absolute worst cook in this family?”

Yes, that’s something you can now program your Amazon Echo to answer using the recently released Alexa Skill Blueprints.

Many companies have already been using Alexa Skills to create personalized AI abilities for their products, but now, the average user has the power to make Alexa say (almost) anything. From answering specific questions to creating trivia games, there’s an ever-expanding world of possibilities.

This is How Voice Technology is Reshaping Job Recruiting

by Jenny Medeiros

Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash

3 Unique Things UX Designers Say Are Key For Successful Voice User Interfaces

by Jenny Medeiros


There seem to be two main groups of UX designers where voice interfaces are concerned. The passive group who happily sip their coffee wondering whether they’ll ever be able to wake their Echo by saying “Computer,” (fun Trekkie fact: you can). Then there’s the group of designers fervently studying how they can enable users to successfully interact with VUIs.

Voice Assistants are Changing How Users with Disabilities Get Things Done

by Jenny Medeiros

Picture this: You roll out of bed in the morning, stumble over to the kitchen and call out, “Alexa, turn on the TV.” Good, background noise is on. Time to make some coffee.

Why Retail Brands Should Start Investing in Voice Technology Right Now

by Jenny Medeiros

 Image Credit: Raconteur

“Alexa, order a new coffee mug.”

That’s how easy it is to shop nowadays. With the rise of virtual assistants, the modern shopping experience has left many traditional retailers scrambling for ways to bring spenders back into their stores. So it’s no surprise that big brands are already adopting voice technology to avoid becoming the next payphones on the street corner.

Although there’s a lot more to it than just cashing in on the current hype. Here’s a quick breakdown of why brands need to take voice tech seriously.  

Becoming Fluent: Top Frontend Languages You Need to Know (with a Little VUI Thrown In)

by Jenny Medeiros

Have you ever used a cool interface and thought, “How did they do that?” or, “I wish I could do that…”?

3 Tips From Alexa Developers on Building Voice-First Apps

by Jenny Medeiros

Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Now were all once the stuff of science fiction. With non-stop developments in machine learning and voice control, voice-first interfaces are steadily changing how we prefer to interact with our devices.

Chatbot Development: NLP vs. Directed Dialogue

by Jenny Medeiros

To NLP, or not to NLP, that is the question.

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