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VOICE Talks Celebrates The Women Behind Voice Tech

Sofia Altuna To Host Female Tech Innovators at VOICE Talks on May 26

Women in Voice Announces Google Assistant as First Corporate Sponsor

Sofia Altuna – Host of VOICE Talks

Modev and Google Assistant Partner to Livestream VOICE Talks Series

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How brands and creators can use voice to create fresh experiences

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"Namaste Google!"

Smart Displays -  When Visual meets Voice at Home

Spinnaker Summit 2020

What can you expect from Google Assistant Developer Day?

Hey Google, What Do We Have On October 8?

Modev Update on COVID-19 Corona Virus

LG Made An Airport Guide Robot and It's Going Places (Literally)

VOICE Summit Announces Dynamic Slate of Speakers and Keynotes from Amazon, LEGO and Yext

Smart Devices: Let’s Get Real About Security

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Heads Up: Your Future Best Friend May Be A Bot

Speakers of VOICE: Cami Williams

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How Major Publishers are Adapting to the Voice Movement

Speakers of VOICE: Spencer Uttley

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Speakers of VOICE:        JZ Zhang

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Modev's Summit: Our culture of remote work

Alexa Bootcamps Coming to Denver, Los Angeles & Boston

Announcing VOICE

Meet the Modevator: Jake Kelly

Meet the Modevator: Karina Crooks

Books, Blogs and Videos—curated resource list on AI, ML and DL

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Machinery.AI Launches in Seattle and DC

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Types of Machine Learning Algorithms

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Pete Erickson -- TIMMY Finalist for Best Tech Manager DC

State of Voice Platforms

What is Modev Exo Summit and why you should attend it?

Eclipse Day Message from MoDev Founder Pete Erickson

How Deep Learning works?

Coding in the Age of Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and the Hype

Design in the age of AI

Artificial Intelligence, Where We Are

EXO Software Summit: An attendee's perspective with Samir Shah of AARP

Modev Announces Developer Evangelist Program

Are you our next Head of Marketing?

We're growing- Head of Sales role now open

Obama White House UX Director to Keynote DC Event

Six Common Challenges Faced by Software Delivery Managers

Modev offers $225,000 in EXO Summit Scholarships

Using Networking to Advance (and Enhance) Your Career

Career Tools for Developers: Leadership

Modev brings aboard Bowen Dwelle and 8 Meter Media

How to Ask Your Boss to Sponsor Your Event Ticket

#ChangeBanking Hackathon Results

Beyond Coding: Relationship Building for Developers

Hackathon to Mark Opening of New Capital One Café in Chicago

Modev Official Statement on the Ban

CapitalOne DevExchange Hackathon Results and Winners

Preview of Capital One DevExchange Hackathon

Security by Design Podcast is Live

3 Developments to Expect in the Continuing Fintech Boom

Top Developers and Industry Leaders Join for Capital One DevExchange Hackathon

Go Beyond the Code with the Seattle Code Writers Workshop

Scaling Lean Operations in a Large Organization

The Fundamentals of Engineering Culture

Unpacking the Amazon Underground

The EXO Software Summit Brings Together Software and Product Leaders

Three Key Traits that Keep People Coming Back to a Mobile Game

4 Tablet Games Making Big Waves in the Industry

Five Expert Tips to Develop an Awesome Game

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Join us at the Amazon Developer Day at Casual Connect: 360° App Monetization.

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