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A Jam-Packed End to Virtual Spinnaker Summit

by Alison Cuevas

Our 5th annual Spinnaker Summit has officially come to a close but we have explored the problem space, identified challenges and solutions built skills, and shared wisdom. Together, we will continue to imagine a community roadmap, evolve Spinnaker governance, and create the future.

In Case You Missed It: VOICE Summit 2020

by Alison Cuevas

The 2020 VOICE Summit, powered by Modev, was held virtually this year from Oct. 5th-15th. This year's program included engaging talks, insightful keynotes and hands-on workshops to help create, build and market the latest innovations in voice technology. 

"Namaste Google!"

by Alison Cuevas

In case you missed it: Episode 1 Highlights

Smart Displays -  When Visual meets Voice at Home

by Alison Cuevas

Spinnaker Summit 2020

by Alison Cuevas

Spinnaker Summit, sponsored by Netflix, is taking place October 19 - November 12, 2020 and will bring together a global community of software collaborators. 

What can you expect from Google Assistant Developer Day?

by Alison Cuevas

With Google Assistant Developer Day just a few weeks away, you’re probably wondering what to expect on October 8. Whether you are an experienced developer, a brand looking to take the next step with voice, or want to become part of a fast-growing community of innovators, join the Google Assistant team as they explore new features and tools.

Hey Google, What Do We Have On October 8?

by Alison Cuevas

Modev Update on COVID-19 Corona Virus

by Pete Erickson

Modev is continuing to monitor all news and guidance related to the Novel Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19. We're following all recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)—and recommend everyone to do the same.

LG Made An Airport Guide Robot and It's Going Places (Literally)

by Jenny Medeiros

Ever been lost at an airport?

VOICE Summit Announces Dynamic Slate of Speakers and Keynotes from Amazon, LEGO and Yext

by Anita Santa-Coloma

Newark, NJ—May 23, 2018—VOICE Summit, the nation’s largest multi-day voice-first conference, today announced a slate of more than 150 industry speakers. The event will feature voice-first experts David Isbitski, Chief Evangelist Alexa and Echo at Amazon, Howard Lerman, Founder and CEO of Yext and Chiori Hori, Principal Research Scientist, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.