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7 Essential Reads on Leadership for Developers

Some people are content as sheep, while others are lions. If you’re reading this, chances are you fall under the latter. 

For up-and-coming influencers in the tech world, finding the materials to listen, watch or read may be difficult as there’s countless volumes of sources to select. We've curated the best books, blogs and podcasts to help you get started.

What to Do When It's Your Turn by Seth Godin


Seth Godin is back at it again with the white font. In his 22nd book, Godin addresses creating value, embracing tension, and other touchy subjects to get his readers comfortable with uncertainty.  

The Secret of Being A Great Mentor by Alan Skorkin


Alan Sorkin breaks down his teaching and learning series into six (6) parts, each a deep dive into his advice for great leaders in tech.

Michael Hyatt's This Is Your Life Podcast & Blog 


Going on for about 4 years now, Michael Hyatt lays out the general skills and life advice on everything from inner zen to rising up the corporate ladder. You can switch it up between reading his words and listening to his talkshow-ready voice. 

Becoming a Technical Leader by Gerald M. Weinberg


A mainstay on Goodreads, Weinberg's book is an "extremely down-to-earth, how-to guide" with a wide range of entertaining metaphors, like pinball, tinkertoys and electric blankets. 

Geek Leader's Handbook by Paul Glen & Maria McManus


Glen and McManus give you applicable advice on the everyday challenges that confront technical leaders, in a readable narrative style. This book stands out for its relatable examples of leadership behavior. 

Becoming a Geek Leader by Tom Cooper

This relatively fresh podcast on iTunes hosted by Tom Cooper, Chief Geek at Bright Hill Group, covers a wide range of topics, from very high level concepts to day-to-day tactics for managing a company. A testimonal says this podcast is even great for non-geeks.

ThoughtWorks Insights


The crazy peeps at ThoughtWorks share their insights (get it) about management, leadership, project management frameworks and then some for leaders who are looking for a balance between mid-level leadership and technical production.

Closing Bell

Now go out there with your head held up high. And remember, chant these magical words when stress falls upon your shoulders: hakuna matata.

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