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Meet the Modevator: Karina Crooks

by Meredith Davison

Meet the Modevator is a monthly blog series profiling one of Modev's talented team members.


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Career Tools for Developers: Leadership

by Modev Staff

No project can run efficiently without some form of leadership. In fact, quite often the success or failure of a project, a team, or even a company can rest on the capabilities of the person or persons in leadership positions.

Ways Developers Can Get Inspired to Stay on the Creative Edge

by Pete Erickson

Coming off the heals of another successful Code Writers Workshop, I thought I'd throw out some more inspiration for developers. Oftentimes, we are so consumed by their everyday lives – the coding, the scripts, the testing – that we forget about our roles in driving innovation for future generations. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the inspiration you need to innovate and excite.

7 Essential Reads on Leadership for Developers

by Brandon

Some people are content as sheep, while others are lions. If you’re reading this, chances are you fall under the latter. 

For up-and-coming influencers in the tech world, finding the materials to listen, watch or read may be difficult as there’s countless volumes of sources to select. We've curated the best books, blogs and podcasts to help you get started.

Target and SAS team up to lead 2016 Aspen Software Leadership Summit

by Pete Erickson

Big news, Modevers. Elwin Loomis, Sr. Director of the Store of the Future at Target, and Oita Coleman, VP of R&D at SAS, are co-chairs and sponsors for the 2016 Aspen Software Leadership Summit.  As 2015 Summit alumni, they will help establish this event as a leadership tradition for the worlds best software engineers. Oita and Elwin, you rock!