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20 Twitter Influencers Every AI Enthusiast Should Be Following

Artificial intelligence is truly changing the way we live and work.

If you’re interested in learning more about artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, virtual reality and ethics, we’ve listed some top influencers you’ll definitely want to follow.

Have we missed someone? Be sure to share your “must-follow” recommendations below.


1. Pedro Domingos (@pmddomingos) | Seattle, WA

8-Pedro Domingos.jpg

Pedro is a computer science professor at UW and author of arguably the most comprehensive book on machine learning--The Master Algorithm.


2. Amber Osborne (@missdestructo) | Seattle, WA


Amber is the co-founder and CMO at Meshfire, an AI powered social media management platform. She was recently nominated as the 2nd most influential CMO on social media.


3. Dr. Angelica Lim (@petitegeek) |  Vancouver, Paris, Tokyo


Angelica has a PhD in AI, Robotics and Emotions. Her work focuses predominantly on the human side of robotics. She often wonders if robots could have emotions too.


4. Eric Horvitz (@erichorvitz) | Seattle, WA

4-Eric Horvitz.jpg

As Director of Microsoft Research Labs, Eric is always on the lookout for latest and greatest in tech. His current work focuses on how humans and intelligent machines can complement each other.


5. Gideon Rosenblatt (@gideonro) | Seattle, WA

5-Gideon Rosenblatt.jpg

Gideon strongly believes that machines intelligence is going to introduce us to a new form of intelligence we already have but didn’t realize. His account focuses on AI, technology, knowledge, mission, and the human soul.


6. Nathan Benaich (@NathanBenaich) | London and San Francisco

6-Nathan Benaich.jpg

Nathan is a technologist and investor profoundly interested in AI. He writes a long-form newsletter on everything AI, which can be found at


7. Martin Ford (@MFordFuture) | Silicon Valley, CA

7-Martin Ford.jpeg

Martin is a prominent futurist and the New York Times bestselling author of Rise of the Robots. He's also a leading expert on artificial intelligence, robotics, and their potential impact on the job market, economy and society.


8. Adelyn Zhou (@adelynzhou) | New York, NY


Adelyn is CMO at TopBots, a publication focused on Applied AI. She is an AI and Bot enthusiast and previously worked with Nextdoor and Amazon.


9. Richard Yonck (@ryonck) | Seattle, WA

9-Richard Yonck.jpg

Richard is a consultant focused the impact AI and other emerging tech has on business and society. He also wrote the book Heart of the Machine, focusing on the future in an age of artificial emotional intelligence.


10. Justin Doc Herman (@JustinHerman) | Washington D.C.

10-Justin Doc Herman.jpg

Justin sits on the White House's National Science and Technology Council subcommittee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He is also into Blockchain, VR and social.


11. Margaret Mitchell (@mmitchell_ai) | Seattle, WA

11-Margaret Mitchell.jpg

This artificial Intelligence researcher combines computer science, cognitive science, NLP and computer vision. A Senior Research Scientist at Google, Margaret often shares great information about human bias in machine learning.


12. Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) | Washington, D.C.

12-Dion Hinchcliffe.jpg

Dion was recently ranked as the #2 influencer in the world on the subject of digital transformation in a data-based analysis by Onalytica as well as a top cloud industry influencer. Dion is also a top 10 influencer on the topic of machine-to-machine (M2M).


13. Lillian Pierson, PE (@BigDataGal) Houston, TX

13-Lillian Pierson.jpg

Lillian is a Big Data proponent and the author of Data Science for Dummies.


14. Xiao-Feng Xie (@xfxie) | Washington, D.C.

14-Xiao-Feng Xie.png

Xiao-Feng is the co-founder of Wiomax, a startup focused on creating smart and scalable solution in IoT, Transportation, AI and Big Data.


15. Soumith Chintala (@soumithchintala) | New York City

15-Soumith Chintala.jpg

Soumith is a computer vision and machine learning research engineer at Facebook. He has written papers on Pedestrian Detection and Sentiment Analysis.


16. Jana Eggers (@jeggers) | Boston, San Francisco, NYC

16-Jana Eggers-1.jpeg

Jana is CEO of Nara Logistics, an artificial intelligence company focused on turning big data into smart actions. Jana is proponent of marrying AI with business for better results.


17. Gary Marcus (@GaryMarcus) | NYC

17-Gary Marcus-1.jpg

Gary Marcus is a scientist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and AI contrarian. He was also CEO and Founder of the machine learning startup Geometric Intelligence, recently acquired by Uber.


18. Donne Martin (@donne_martin) | Washington, D.C.

18-Donne Martin.jpeg

Donne is the engineering manager at Facebook, in charge of Public Safety Engineering Infrastructure.


19. Pragyansmita Nayak (@SorishaPragyan) | Washington, D.C.

19-Pragyansmita Nayak.jpg

Pragyansmita is PhD and Research Engineer at Apogee Research LLC working on DARPA projects SoSITE and VET. She is also co-organizer of Nova data science meetup.


20. Adam Geitgey (@ageitgey) | San Diego, CA

20-Adam Geitgey.jpeg

Adam is a Software Engineer, consultant and writer of the Machine Learning is Fun blog. He also creates courses for




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