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The Philadelphia Eagles Are ‘Vocifiying’ their Fan Engagement

Learn how the Eagles are giving fans a voice at VOICE Global

Content consumption patterns are changing. The Philadelphia Eagles realized this past year that, while their fanbase was at home during the pandemic, they wanted more content, but in smaller doses and immediately. That’s when the Eagles’ marketing and technology departments came up with a plan to integrate voice technology into their overarching fan engagement strategy. The team came up with a new approach to bring existing content across all channels, including voice, to share updates directly to fans week-over-week via the Eagles Voice Assistant.

So what did it take to ‘voicify’ the Eagles fan engagement?

Hear how the Eagles created a voice-enabled content strategy at VOICE Global 2021. Tanmay Patel, director of digital technology, and Chris McPherson, content manager & on-air talent of the Philadelphia Eagles, will join Jason Fields, chief strategy officer of Voicify, during VOICE Global on June 16. They’ll share how the team, through a partnership with Voicify, are hyping up and engaging fans by executing voice.

The Philadelphia Eagles are leveraging Vocifiy’s deep conversational tech and development expertise to embrace this emerging technology and to share the messaging developed by its content team each week. The team makes it easy for fans to connect via Alexa and Google Assistant through a series of simple commands. They can receive daily news, hear players' updates, follow the draft, hear the Eagle Insider podcast, create conversations, and more. The team’s secret sauce for building greater engagement? “More and more of incorporating the players and coaches” voices in place of the voice of Alexa or Google to help bring the personalities directly into fans’ homes.

Tune in to VOICE Global, June 16 to learn more. The 24-hour voice tech virtual event will stream online starting June 15 at 6 p.m. ET and will end June 16 at 6 p.m. ET.

Meanwhile, you can interact with the or on your Google Assistant, saying “Hey Google, Talk to Philadelphia Eagles” or Alexa device by saying “Alexa, open Philadelphia Eagles.” Go team!!