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Voicify 3.0, personal, accessible, and straightforward

Voicify releases its third major update; bringing conditions, implicit & explicit personalization, a marketplace, and preconfigured voice UX flows to marketers' fingertips.

Voicify is a big player in the enterprise voice assistant software space. The company provides an easy-to-use "no-code" platform that's intuitive rather than intimidating. Its platform combines voice-optimized content management, cross-platform (Alexa, Google Assistant, SMSBots, ChatBots, and custom voice bots) deployment, and customer insights. 

This new version of Voicify is a fully-featured enterprise solution that fits right into your ecosystem of digital management platforms. It can manage the customer experience from A to Z. 

Let's take a high-level view of some of the new features in Voicify 3.0.

Voicify 3.0 is all about personalization enhancements in voice assistant interactions. With its groundbreaking new features, brands can engage customers individually through personalization and connectivity to data systems like CRM, PIM, and CMS, among others. Another addition is the inclusion of conditional logic, which allows for more complex conversation flows. In version 3.0, Voicify's conditional logic can handle a wide range of data points, from simple session information ('first time versus returning user' and 'previously engaged conversations') to specific user data (purchase or cross channel activities). 

Here's how Alex Dunn, Principal Architect of Voicify, sums up the company's motivation for incorporating these new personalization features into version 3.0. "Our guiding light at Voicify is to build tools that empower brands and marketers to connect to their customers. As our platform and the entire voice space evolved, we knew that personalized voice assistant interactions would be more valuable,” Dunn said. “So it became critical for Voicify to own that functionality and empower CX managers and marketers." It was time for Voicify to get personal.

Aside from the personalization enhancements, Voicify 3.0 has a strong focus on accessibility. With the introduction of VUX (Voice User Experience) Spark Templates, it's easier than ever for new customers to integrate voice in their products and services. 

Spark is one of the tools included in Voicify that lets you create reusable conversation flows using themes, templates, and code libraries. However, Voicify Spark blends these concepts into a non-technical and visually familiar UI that's intuitive to marketers and admins. This, in itself, lowers the barrier of entry into voice technology and enables you to quickly build the conversation flows that matter to customers.

As Voicify CEO Jeff McMahon states: "We did an inventory of every conversation we had with prospects and customers and determined the most requested conversation flows. With voice being a new muscle for many brands, we felt a responsibility to abstract the most valuable conversations they may have with customers. Things like: where is my order, find a location, campaign landers needed to be packaged into a quick form-based process."

Voicify has also created a marketplace for VUX Spark Templates and Integrations to promote fast and straightforward spin-ups of voice apps and to further the accessibility of voice applications. The templates and integrations are clearly listed and can easily be added to customer voice apps. The marketplace provides access to well over 100 major new features to the platform - all of which are immediately accessible to the 3,000 plus voice apps on the platform.

All in all, this is a major release for Voicify that focuses on accessibility and personalization. And with this release, Voicify is making the bold statement that its own growth is inexorably tied to the growth of the voice industry.

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