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Spinnaker Summit 2020

Spinnaker Summit, sponsored by Netflix, is taking place October 19 - November 12, 2020 and will bring together a global community of software collaborators. 

Spinnaker is a multi-cloud continuous delivery platform which aims to make reliable deployments. The platform allows for multiple cloud environments to be centrally managed and provides a single pane from where you can see what is going on, what resources are being deployed and control or view them. 

Like many other software delivery services, Netflix values speed to meet user expectations around the world. Spinnaker was built as a tool for development teams to move fast with a high degree of confidence. All the time saved and efficiency allows for developers like Netflix to focus on creating the right products for users. 

Spinnaker has figured out the right way to get software out to customers, clients and users in a safe and repeatable manner. That said, the annual summit is highly coveted as it provides an opportunity for operations and developers to build together to solve problems faced by different enterprises.

The month-long series of talks, interactive sessions and hand-on contributions will explore the challenges and solutions on the platform to share wisdom with others in the industry. 

Learn and build at the Summit Gardening Days. Contributors will receive prizes based on points received. Points are given based on all contributions made in the 4-week hack period. Challenges will be set by Armory, GitHub, AWS and more. For more impact, enjoy the best resources, welcoming SIGs and volunteers to assist you. 

Attendees can register for the complimentary Summit Gardening Days and the standard ticket to the Spinnaker Summit to attend the live hackathon and sessions. For just $50, the premium ticket provides attendees access to workshops and on-demand content.