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Hey Google, What Do We Have On October 8?

As the number of people using digital assistants like Google Assistant continues to grow, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest news, feature additions, and recommendations on the best practices. On Thursday, October 8th, Google is hosting Google Assistant Developer Day that brings together everyone interested in innovating with voice to create exceptional new user experiences.

This virtual event will help teach developers all about the latest tools and features Google is building to make integrating Google Assistant into Android apps, smart speakers, and smart displays easier than ever. Exciting new product announcements will take place, and there will also be opportunities to chat live with leaders and engineers from Google. They will be around to answer questions and provide insight about creating immersive user experiences through the use of voice.

Google Product leadership  will also be there to share the best ways for developers and brands to utilize Google Assistant in their apps and experiences, but that’s not all. Special guest speakers from the expanding Voice ecosystem will be giving guidance and sharing their stories, like Garrett Guadini, the Head Of Product at Postmates. Other guests talking about the transformational power of voice integration include Laurens Rutten from CoolGames and Corey Bozarth from MyFitnessPal and others.

These new tools and talks will be beneficial to developers of all kinds. New and experienced developers are all welcome to attend, and will be sure to find talks and sessions that catch their attention and provoke their imaginations. Whether you create apps for mobile phones or Smart  Displays, Google Assistant Developer Day promises to provide the steps needed to open up experiences to your most vocal users. 

The day will start out at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST with a special keynote from Baris Gutelkin, Google’s Product Management Director for Google Assistant, highlighting the latest features that will enable better experiences for developers and consumers alike, plus some interesting examples of innovation from brands and developers. Next on the agenda is a session on connecting Android apps to Google Assistant, where developers will learn the best ways to enable consumers to interact easily with their Android apps through voice. Later, there will be sessions on building games that take advantage of the Assistant, enhancing user discovery of App Actions, and even a fireside chat with the Google Assistant Developer Relations Team where they’ll answer the most asked questions from attendees. Finally, the day will wrap up with some short closing remarks from Danny Bernstein, the Managing Director of Global Product Partnerships. 

There are more ways than ever for developers to craft exciting new experiences for Google Assistant. Register now and tune in on Thursday, October 8th to join the developer community in learning more about what’s possible with Google Assistant. 

Be sure to visit the event website in order to scope out the schedule, and learn more about what’s in store. Whether you’re currently a developer, a brand looking to leverage voice interaction, or someone who wants to get in on a fast-growing community, you won’t want to miss Google Assistant Developer Day on October 8th.

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