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A Jam-Packed End to Virtual Spinnaker Summit

Our 5th annual Spinnaker Summit has officially come to a close but we have explored the problem space, identified challenges and solutions built skills, and shared wisdom. Together, we will continue to imagine a community roadmap, evolve Spinnaker governance, and create the future.

Microsoft's Sarah Novotny kicked off Spinnaker Summit and took the stage for her keynote address about open source work. While 2020 has been an anxiety-filled year, it has also taught us to focus and prioritize what we spend our energy on. With a focus on cloud and utility computing, Sarah spoke on her real passion of getting people together around a consistent vision. 

“I love meeting people and rapidly assessing what information I need to impart in order to draw them into the vision or story that I have to share,” Novotny said. 

Our Diamond Sponsor, Netflix, had a special session sharing a collaboration story with Luis Pollo, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, Nima Kaviani, and Rob Hilton, from AWS. Together, they recapped managed delivery after it was first introduced at last year’s Summit, reflected on the evolution of Kubernetes support in Spinnaker, discussed how to integrate Kubernetes into managed delivery, and brainstormed opportunities and future work. 

Our Silver Sponsor, AWS, hosted a session called Automating Your Infrastructure Deployments on AWS featuring Paul Roberts, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS, and Nima Kaviani, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS. 

“So the purpose of this presentation is to dive into some of the things that we're seeing, and how you can even leverage these technologies with Spinnaker for your own deployments,” Roberts said. 

Before a demo, Kaviani explained the importance of using CDK pipeline integration with Spinnaker. Once the services became available, we saw the full end to end deployment using tickets. 

Spinnaker Summit has also featured four live happy hours in which we’ve played fun icebreaker games, discussed the keynotes session with the speakers themselves, and a special session featuring, The Virtual Magician, Robert Strong where he delighted us all with a virtual magic show. 

The final demo session for our Summit Gardening Days was on November 12, giving participants the opportunity to dazzle our panel of SDLC expert judges with their hackathon projects.