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Smart Displays -  When Visual meets Voice at Home

Submit a video ahead of any episode and you could be featured during the live show and win a Google Assistant product. We’re also giving out Google swag to viewers with the best comments during each live stream. Ask Sofia and the guests questions in real-time during the live stream by using #AskSofia on twitter and at @VoiceTalksAI, or commenting live at


VOICE Talks took a brief break due to the Google Assistant Developer Day but will be continuing the monthly conversation on October 29th at 2PM ET. Join host Sofia Altuna on as we explore the intersection of visual and voice technology. 

From managing schedules to keeping up with family and household routines, smart displays are becoming the gold standard of voice assistants.  

Bespoken will join VOICE Talks for the regular Ecosystem Update and share their research comparing the capabilities of various digital assistants in answering complex questions.They took a set of nearly 1,000 questions and ran them against the three most popular voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant. Google Assistant did superior to the others in terms of understanding the user.

We will hear from Founder & CEO, John Kelvie of Bespoken, the world leader in testing, training and monitoring for AI-driven voice and chat experiences. He will share with us why testing matters and give us a roadmap for a first-class testing regimen. 

As smart displays become more ubiquitous in the home, the right choice on digital assistants becomes important. Bespoken will discuss how ML & AI plays a key role in evaluating devices and how they develop testing for best practices. Bespoken will additionally share their research that compares complex question answering capabilities across the various digital assistants. 

We'll hear from Katelyn Mason of the Google Assistant team and Alex Selig, the Product Manager for Nest at Google. They will cover the growing interest in smart home integrations on smart displays. We’ll also take time to discuss user customer journeys including trends and habits they are seeing from their data. 

Rebecca Nathenson, the Director of Management at Google Assistant will join Pottermore to chat about how smart displays are the new frontier for storytelling and why smart displays are key to the evolution of voice. 

Episode 6 will end with an ‘Ask the experts’ segment in which regular VOICE Talks contributor Jessica Dene Earley Cha, Developer Advocate at Google, will answer common questions on how to develop rich responses and theme customizations to make the most out of smart display screens. 

VOICE Talks is a monthly conversation with experts about the state of everything voice. Tune in for interactive conversations, product deep dives, trends and insights in voice technology. In the first five episodes we’ve already discussed:

  • Voice Technology During the Worldwide Health Crisis
  • Building For Voice First Experience
  • How Voice is Shaping Education & Entertainment
  • Diversity, Inclusivity and Accessibility in Voice Technology
  • How Brands Are Using Voice to Talk to Their Customers. 

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