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Hey Google, What Do We Have On October 8?

by Alison Cuevas

LG Made An Airport Guide Robot and It's Going Places (Literally)

by Jenny Medeiros

Ever been lost at an airport?

What Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Are Doing to Create The Most Conversational AI

by Jenny Medeiros

Google caused quite the stir in the AI community at the I/O Developer Conference when they unveiled Google Duplex. Some call it “an exciting step for Artificial Intelligence”, while others consider it a “terrifying piece of technology”.

Heads Up: Your Future Best Friend May Be A Bot

by Jenny Medeiros

 If you’re one of those people who bump into inanimate objects and instinctively apologize to them, you’re probably the type to say “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry” to your virtual assistant too.

Here's How North Face Boosted Conversions Using AI

by Jenny Medeiros

Image credit: Fluid

Books, Blogs and Videos—curated resource list on AI, ML and DL

by Imran Haider

There is no shortage of online resources if you want to learn more about AI, Machine Learning etc. The world is buzzing with ever new pieces of information on these emerging technologies. Which at times can be overwhelming. Partly because of this reason we started Modev blog. The aim is to create content that explains these complex and often times confusing topics in a way everyone can understand. Especially the developer community because their time is much better spent on building things. Rather than trying to make sense of industry trends.

Machinery.AI Launches in Seattle and DC

by Pete Erickson

After the successful launch of our Voicehacks community in the summer of 2017, we knew it was time to accelerate our plans for Machinery.AI. The Voicehacks tour allowed us to visit ten cities and meet more than 1500 developers and the hunger for all things A.I. was notable. It felt like the early days of iOS and Android with developers and other professionals clamoring for knowledge. The term "AI is the new UI" rings so true. Instead of tap, pinch, swipe, it's now access (data), process, present.