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Goodbye Boondoggle. Hello Business.

Once again, event planners are in a position where we've got to innovate and do all we can to support our communities. Even in the face of Delta, we have heard from so many about the importance of human contact as it relates to running our businesses, discovering new ideas, methods and solutions. Therefore, Delta be damned, we're going to be there for our community.

Dec 6-9, 2021, we are introducing a new kind of event that recognizes the challenges of the pandemic, but helps those who join us to overcome them. The event, VOICE, will also offer meaningful experiences personally and professionally.

We are realistic that hosting a live event isn't going to be for everyone right now. Whether through personal choice, company policy or travel restrictions, not all who wish to will be able to get there. But if we're going to get through this, we have to start now and we have to learn to build better events that apply best in class safety protocols with new ways to attend, consume, connect and discover.

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While thousands of event / community builders around the globe have done their best to provide a virtual event solution where live events once thrived, ourselves included, we know that this is not sustainable to a healthy ecosystem.

We've dismantled what was previously a well established formula for live events. No more large plenary room, no more booths, no more crowded bars. What we've put back is meaningful to everyone who attends and sponsors. Each attendee knows their role, seeks out their activities, sets their appointments. Each speaker will record on a beautiful stage with a studio audience. Each meeting will happen in 1:1 meeting zones, sponsored meeting pods or roundtables. Our event app will allow you to set up your entire experience in advance if you wish to. Serendipity will still be possible, but we'll help connect you with who we believe matters most based on what you've shared with us.

Goodbye boondoggle, hello business. We're here to reconnect you with colleagues you haven't seen in two years and connect you with new connections, opportunities and ideas. And all in a safe and comfortable manner. There will be a virtual option as well for those who cannot attend and the global voice ecosystem who we know will want to watch.

What's your comfort level with events?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well. We are committed to keeping the industry cruising. We don't believe we can do that without harnessing the power of the human connection. We're ready to be that resource for you when you're ready. We hope it will be this December in Arlington, Va.

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