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Introducing GNRT.AI: Shaping the Future of Technology Together

Modev started as a place for developers to meet and collaborate around the fast growing mobile app ecosystems. I didn't intend for it to be a business, I was building community for the sake of filling a need that I saw. However, within months of doing so, it became clear that individuals with an interest in fostering community were needed to help shape the fast growing ecosystem.

Since then, we've re-run the Modev playbook across Cloud, Security, and AI. We now run multiple AI conferences and we're excited about where this market is going. However, we've also noticed that there's a convergence of multiple technologies entering the market including Generative AI, Spatial Computing, specialized hardware, Quantum, Blockchain, and more are maturing at the same time, which is ushering an even bigger era than just AI, and there's a need to convene those who are doing really interesting things across vertical industries.

We're about to see a major transformation in Entertainment, Healthcare, Customer Engagement, Transportation, and more.  Enter GNRT.AI, an event designed to unite visionaries, enterprise leaders, investors, and innovators under one roof to showcase, learn, teach, and ultimately help drive progress and this new ecosystem.

This endeavor is the culmination of fifteen years of dedication to fostering technological advancement and community collaboration. From our humble beginnings with a meetup of a dozen developers in 2009 to orchestrating initiatives and events around the globe, the journey has led to this exciting and pivotal moment.

The ethos of GNRT.AI is inclusivity and accessibility. The beta launch event, happening the week of October 28-30 in Arlington, VA, coincides with other transformative gatherings such as VOICE & AI, GovAI Summit, and CodeForward. Through synergistic keynotes, curated content, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences, attendees will find themselves surrounded by new ways of doing familiar things and entirely new experiences, altogether.

The call for speakers for GNRT.AI is open now and we are looking for those at the forefront of innovation. We want the dreamers, the misfits, those willing to go against the status quo to chase an ambitious pursuit. 

We're also dedicated to ensuring all have access. Special pre-launch pricing underscores our commitment to inclusivity, with discounted entry-level passes and exclusive Founders Club access available until March 31. Founders Club members enjoy premium benefits, including VIP amenities and a prestigious designation on their badge, solidifying their place in an elite network of innovators.

We hope to see you at GNRT.AI. The good news is that VOICE & AI, GovAI Summit, and CodeForward.AI will all be co-located that week. It's going to be busy with many stages, speakers, and a packed Innovation Lounge where our exhibitors will be showcasing their technologies. Come join us and let's create this exciting new market together. 



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