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What’s New with Google Assistant? Get Inspired & Get Started at VOICE Global 2021

It’s hard to believe that Google Assistant was introduced just five years ago. Since then, users have become accustomed to asking their Google and Android devices to help them with a myriad of different voice-enabled tasks. Today, Google Assistant is available in more than 30 languages, 90 countries, and over one billion devices on mobile phones, smart displays, TVs, cars, and more. But the Google Assistant team can’t do it all alone. The team relies upon its developer and partner ecosystem to create new capabilities and innovations -- from games to video chats to developing new ways to listen to stories and entertainment. It’s through this developer and partner base that many new features are created, tested, refined and eventually brought to market. In fact, the work of some early developers and partners -- such as Dunkin, Groupon, Kroger, Spotify, Walmart, Wayfair, and others -- have resulted in the introduction of many new end-user apps and features over the years. And, it doesn’t sound like the use of voice-enabled apps will slow down any time soon. As it turns out, queries from developers’ apps have more than developed in the past year.

But a great thing can get even better.

Rebecca Nathenson, director, Product Management, Google, will join VOICE Global 2021 on June 16 at 8 a.m. PT to share a bit more about how far Google Assistant has come and will provide insights into its future. She will also be giving us an update on recent enhancements, including how Google is making things easier for developers and partners to create new app actions. This includes personal voice shortcuts, setting up personal voice commands, custom intents for apps, and developing new wIdgets that allow users to easily monitor information.

Ready to take a closer look at new ways to develop, enhance your apps through Google Assistant? Rebecca Nathenson will take the virtual stage at 8 a.m. PT during VOICE Global 2021. Log in to learn about what’s new, get inspired, and get started in conversational tech!