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VOICE22 - Giving a Voice to Financial Services

The power of voice tech is being leveraged across industries worldwide. And while all these industries have common goals regarding the implementation of voice, they also have their subtleties, a set of characteristics that define their niche and what their customer experiences should be. Using voice to order a pizza isn't the same experience as using voice to obtain medical advice - even though both of these experiences are based upon the same AI-powered technology. Hence, each industry needs to adapt the tech for their (as well as their customers') purposes. 

And when it comes to integrating AI-powered voice tech into financial services, it's critical to get things right the first time. To use the same example as above, errors in financial transactions are of a different order of magnitude than delivering a pizza with the wrong toppings. The tech needs to be able to keep up with complex language patterns while delivering on the business outcomes required to ensure customer satisfaction and generate a return on investment, all in compliance with the financial sector's laws and regulations.


VOICE22 is taking place in Arlington, VA, from October 10th to the 12th. And as part of this year's event, we'll be shining a light on the integration of voice tech in the financial space. Our best-in-class speakers will provide informed insights on the state of voice tech, its potential, and what that means for financial services. 

The digital transformation is a reality - one that will, for example, continue to make the banking experience more digital and less branch-heavy. But for it to succeed, the financial sector needs to understand the technology driving the digital transformation. And the experiences that transformation spawns need to be customer-centric - particularly in a financial services setting.

At VOICE22, we'll be talking about voice in finance.

Speaker Highlights

Lightning Talk: Holistic Voice Application Monitoring: How to Sleep Well Every Night

On October 12th, at 2 PM, Dominik Meissner, CEO & Co-Founder at 169 Labs, will be joined by Tim Kahle, CEO & Head of Conversation Design, also at 169 Labs will discuss how to successfully build a technology stack (such as voice applications).

Typically, voice apps require a complex tech stack: complex Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models, external APIs, large-scale software projects, 3rd party vendors, cloud architecture, etc. These complex stacks come with internal and external dependencies, which often lead to failure when coupled with the system's complexity. But your customers won't accept downtime and demand immediate responses - which leaves us in a bit of a catch-22.

In their short session, Dominic and Tim will discuss strategies you can use to build for success the first time. They will also provide insights into implementing measures to keep your systems running efficiently and how to analyze their performance and monitor their health.

The Future of Work: How Swiss Re Delivers Better IT and HR Employee Service

On October 12th, at 1 PM, Dan Turchin, CEO at PeopleReign, will share the story of how Swiss Re's 15,000 employees used PeopleReign to complement their live human agents and deliver fully automated IT and HR employee service. 

PeopleReign is the company behind the world's most intelligent virtual agent for IT and HR employee services. Swiss Re is one of the world's leading providers of reinsurance, insurance, and other forms of insurance-based risk transfer. As an organization, it understands that the future of work (particularly in the financial industry) will entail tight collaboration between humans and machines. As such, its collaboration with PeopleReign was a natural fit.

Dan will explore the ethics, technology, and business benefits of AI in the workplace to help you take control of your organization's automation strategy. He will explain how AI-powered voice tech can answer common IT and HR questions using natural language. He'll also provide details on the data required to train AI models and how to measure the business impact of AI projects.

Panel: Voice Technology in Europe Today

On October 11th, at 1 PM, James Poulter, CEO at Vixen Labs, and Jos Harrison, Global Head of Brand Experience at Reckitt, will take the stage together for a panel discussion on the state of voice tech in Europe.

By turning their attention to the European market, with its different legislation, brands, devices, consumers, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they highlight the need to take compliance issues seriously. They also e why organizations must be sensitive to the different needs of their various customers.

In this panel, we'll learn from James' and Jos' experiences and hear from brands like Nestle - the largest publicly-held food company in the world - and HSBC - one of the world's largest financial institutions. The latter will share their informed insights on the integration of voice tech within their organizations.

Wrapping Up

Join us for the above and more. VOICE22 is loaded with experienced and pragmatic speakers, providing informative and utilitarian keynotes, workshops, and panels. The financial services space is embracing some major transformations made possible by AI-powered voice tech. You won't want to miss this event! Be a part of VOICE22, October 10th to the 12th, in Arlington. Join your voice to ours as we discuss the future of voice in financial services.

You can view the agenda to see the complete list of speakers and get your ticket here.

The future is vocal.

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