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What is Modev Exo Summit and why you should attend it?

Pick any large scale software product and you will find plenty of content on the tech side of it. But almost none on how people working on it actually work. For example, how they handle Pager or Crisis Management? This knowledge remains in the boardrooms and never gets out. While there are instances where it's hard to share that knowledge because of confidentiality. But more often than not the lessons learned are generic and shareable.

To address this Modev inaugurated Exo Summit three years ago. We realized that it's important and often time beneficial for software leaders to share their experiences with their industry peers. And there is a tendency to do that as well. But there was no proper platform for this before. You can't share these on a blog or something because you might end up revealing too much publicly.

When you face certain types of issues over a longer period of times you become habitual to dealing with them rather thinking out of the box to solve them. That's where talking to someone outside of your company, working in the same domain, is magical.

At Exo Summit, our focus is on software leaders i.e. people from team lead positions to VPs/CTOs/CIOs. It's a two-day summit where industry leaders gather to discuss issues like how to manage growth, team building, engineering culture, crisis management and more. The discussions are private and intimate. There is no loose talk. We have designed the summit around privacy and strictly follow Chatham House Rule. Wikipedia entry states the rule as:

“When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

There won't be any press, recruiters or people trying to sell you something.

Software leaders often face this dilemma of investing in themselves or spending more time on the actual system they are responsible for. Because of the operational nature of their job, it's hard to take any time out. Yet, we are moving towards an era which is going to value us more for who we are than what we do. Because the work gets done anyway. The only thing truly valuable is your intuition or creativity.

At Exo Summit, the focus is on you. The two days will take you away from daily nuances of your work and will give you a holistic perspective on the challenges you are facing. The true value, however, is in conversations. You will get to meet people like you facing similar work challenges as yours. And people who are willing to share their boardroom experiences. You can't find these conversations, this knowledge flow in a book or a blog post. Besides, Aspen is a beautiful place.

So, if you are a team lead managing a small sub project, a senior manager responsible for an entire system or a VP/CIO/CTO making sure that your organization is thriving in this fast paced world; we will look forward to seeing you. We have a limited space and seats are only available as invite or referral. You can request yours here or by emailing Meredith at

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