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EXO Software Summit: An attendee's perspective with Samir Shah of AARP

To say that the EXO Software Summit is the best conference I’ve been to is an understatement. What makes this so great? First, it’s not a conference, it’s a summit with 50 leaders from companies ranging from startups to unicorns. Second, there are no vendors, no sales pitches and there is no pressure among the community. Third, the leaders are there to share and listen. This, together with the great, natural location of Aspen, Colorado makes it such an inspiring, organic, energetic and safe environment.

It was such a relief to see that the challenges that I face in business are not unique. Listening to other leaders talk and share similar experiences to mine, while they presented ideas for solutions was not something I was expecting, but proved truly valuable. Unlike other conferences where you may meet a few people, exchange details and the perhaps have no further contact, the EXO Software Summit establishes a true network where exchanges and contacts grow and expand among the participants.

After I returned from the Summit, I was able to apply many of the techniques discussed which resulted in instant short-term successes. For example, we already had a project that was scheduled to take six months. As a result of introducing some fresh ideas around technology choices, design, POC and implementation strategies, we were able to reduce the time to eight weeks with an addition system throughput of 25%. This was well worth the price of admission.

The value from attending the EXO Software Summit will be lifelong and I can’t wait to attend in 2017.

The 2017 EXO Software Leadership Summit at the Aspen Meadows Summit will take place September 17-20. The exclusive, off-the-record leadership retreat brings together innovators and engineers at the forefront of tranformation. Limited spots remain -- request an invite or email today.


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