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Alexa Live 2022

The Next Evolution in Immersive AI-Powered Customer Experiences

You're probably familiar with artificial intelligence (AI). You talk to your voice assistant, chat with bots, and unlock your phone by looking at it. But what about ambient intelligence (AmI)? Probably less so.

What is ambient intelligence?

Ambient intelligence is built on artificial intelligence. It networks various AI sensors (typically Internet of Things (IoT) devices) together in the user's environment and supports the user in carrying out their daily tasks and activities seamlessly and intuitively. 

Like ambient music that plays in the background to enhance an environment, ambient intelligence is embedded within the user's environment. But AmI can respond to - and even anticipate - the user's needs and desires. Ambient intelligence is also discrete insofar as it only prompts you when necessary and recedes into the background when you don't. It doesn't take over the environment; it only enhances it.

It's generally accepted that ambient intelligence bears the following characteristics:

  • Embedded: Sensors and devices are embedded in the environment.
  • Context-aware: The system, acting as a whole, is context-aware.
  • Personalized: Each environment (or ambiance) is personalized to the user's needs.
  • Adaptive: The system is adaptive and continually evolves.
  • Anticipatory: The system is capable of anticipating user needs.
  • Distributed: The system's intelligence is distributed among the devices embedded in the environment.

Alexa Live 2022 announced

That's just a bird's eye view of AmI. You may be after a more hands-on and in-depth look at AmI tech. And if so, you're in luck. Amazon just announced that it will host its annual Alexa Live 2022 event for developers on July 20 at 9 AM. The event, which focuses on ambient intelligence, is also free and entirely online - making it easy for developers worldwide to attend. 

Developers can sign up from the Alexa Live 2022 registration page.

Alexa Live 2022 will provide attendees with a deep dive into the inner workings of ambient intelligence. It will demonstrate and provide insights into the technology powering the next generation of ambient intelligence. 

A world in which technology understands the state of your environment and your preferences, helps you when you need it, and recedes into the background when you don't doesn't just build itself. Hence, Amazon will also announce a wide variety of tools and services designed to help skill builders and device makers take advantage of this innovation, and create the next generation of rich and immersive customer experiences.

But wait, there's more…

As Kelly Wenzel, Director of Business to Business and Developer Marketing at Alexa, says, "Our vision for ambient computing can only be realized by extensive collaboration between teams at Alexa and all of our partners. Alexa Live 2022 is our opportunity to showcase the many products, programs, and services we've designed specifically to help brands and builders leverage Alexa's growing footprint to innovate on behalf of customers."

On top of the AmI deep dive, Alexa Live 2022 will also showcase new tools and features Amazon has made available to developers to bring their customer experiences to the next level. Amazon insiders will also share insights on where they see increased engagement with Alexa and provide tips for developers to better capitalize on these opportunities and grow their offerings and customer base. 

The event

Alexa Live 2022 comprises a keynote as well as breakout sessions. It will feature case studies from some of the world's biggest brands, such as Philips and Disney, as well as from skill builders like LC Publishing.

At Modev, we're proud to be a part of Alexa Live 2022. We're all about shining a light on the world's coolest emerging tech and enabling brands and businesses to grow along with that tech. Join us online on July 20 at 9 AM for the next evolution in AI-powered customer experiences.

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