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Books, Blogs and Videos—curated resource list on AI, ML and DL

There is no shortage of online resources if you want to learn more about AI, Machine Learning etc. The world is buzzing with ever new pieces of information on these emerging technologies. Which at times can be overwhelming. Partly because of this reason we started Modev blog. The aim is to create content that explains these complex and often times confusing topics in a way everyone can understand. Especially the developer community because their time is much better spent on building things. Rather than trying to make sense of industry trends.

We definitely didn't come up with everything on our own. We read other blogs, books and take online courses to understand everything first. We thought it will be interesting to share few of those resources with our audience—in case you want to go deeper on any of the topics covered on the blog.

This blog post by Tim Urban is a good premier on AI in general. It's actually two part and is much longer than normal—most Wait but Why posts are such. The mental model Tim used to explain Artificial Intelligence is detailed in the book Our Last Invention by James Barrat. The book is surprisingly easy and fun read. If you are concerned about the moral and ethical implications of AI, read The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil. Kurzweil is a leading scientist in AI and is currently working with Google. SuperIntelligence by Nick Bostrom is also a landmark book on the topic and has recommendations from the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk. We haven't read a recent recommendation by Elon Musk i.e. Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark. It should be good too.

Inevitable by Kevin Kelly, though not specific to AI, touches the optimistic side of AI a lot. This blog post by Nick Szabo is a good complement to the arguments made in the book.

On the more practical side, The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos is the definitive textbook on Machine Learning. It's not math technical but lays out the concepts nicely before you start developing anything. This MOOC on Machine Learning covers the basics of implementation using MATLAB as the programming and modeling language.

Any discussion of AI is incomplete without mentioning Deep Learning. It's where all the action is right now. From image recognition to self-driving, a lot of AI dream is getting closer mainly because of Deep Learning. Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow is a complete hands-on book on the subject. These lectures by Lex Fridman explain the concepts very well using self-driving cars as a case study. Linear Regression is a great podcast which explains Machine and Deep Learning concepts in short 20-minute episodes.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. And much like everyone else, we are in the learning phase as well. We hope to keep this updated as we find more interesting and useful resources. Of course, Modev blog is the place where we try to summarize our learnings. Do check that as well. Happy Learning.

And happy holidays.

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