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#ChangeBanking Hackathon Results

by Modev Staff

Developers and designers from all over Chicago came together on Saturday, March 25th at the Capital One Cafe in Lincoln Park to build innovative Fintech apps using Capital One DevExchange APIs and Amazon Alexa Skills. The assembled teams spent eight hours coding new apps using cutting edge APIs including Bank Account Starter, Credit Offers, and Rewards, and Amazon Alexa Skills. 

Hackathon to Mark Opening of New Capital One Café in Chicago

by Pete Erickson

CapitalOne DevExchange is holding an all-day hackathon on March 25th to celebrate the recent opening of the Capital One Café in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. The event, which will bring together the best developers, designers, product managers, and thought leaders in the area, tasks teams with building unique apps on DevExchange APIs.

CapitalOne DevExchange Hackathon Results and Winners

by Modev Staff

Last Thursday 75 forward thinking developers, designers, product managers, and fintech experts met at Capital One Labs in Clarendon, Virginia for the first ever Capital One DevExchange Hackathon. 

Preview of Capital One DevExchange Hackathon

by Modev Staff

Tomorrow marks the first Capital One DevExchange Hackathon, bringing together many of the area’s brightest minds in fintech development, product management, UX and design.

3 Developments to Expect in the Continuing Fintech Boom

by Modev Staff

It’s 2016 and Fintech means more than just payments. As app developers and startups continue to unbundle banks and develop new technologies that disrupt a status quo that has dictated how we do business for decades, consumer finance is changing rapidly.

Top Developers and Industry Leaders Join for Capital One DevExchange Hackathon

by Modev Staff

The financial technology space is changing rapidly, booming to become one of the fastest growing sectors in development. As new applications, services, and APIs are released that provide unprecedented access to consumer finance tools, developers are taking notice. 

To facilitate this growth and bring together the top minds in development, design, product development, and thought leadership around Fintech, Capital One DevExchange is presenting a Hackathon on November 10th.