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The VOICE 2022 Agenda is Now Live!

Voice tech is a driving force in the digital transformation that's well underway. As voice tech grows in sophistication, so does its adoption across industries. And we've reached a point where practically everyone has used the tech in one context or another. Case in point: the healthcare, retail, customer service, media & entertainment, and financial services industries have all embraced voice as part of their service offerings.

And that's what VOICE 2022, taking place in Arlington, VA, from October 10 to the 12th, is all about. The event, which includes keynotes, workshops, and panels featuring voice tech leaders worldwide, will be covering topics such as:

  • Improved Healthcare Outcomes Through Voice
  • Call Center Modernization
  • Customer Expectations of a Voice Interface Everywhere
  • Digital Progress in Media & Entertainment
  • Banking and Finance Strategies
  • And more.

If you want to learn how big brands across industries have successfully integrated voice into their marketing and service offerings, you won't want to miss VOICE 2022. And it doesn't matter whether your organization has already gone all-in with voice or is just starting to consider voice integration; you're sure to gain valuable insights that will help your brand and business grow. 

The event's agenda is now live, but here's a small sampling of some of the sessions you'll be able to attend at this year's event.

Intelligent Customer Service Automation

On October 11, at 10:45 AM, Noelle Silver Russel, IBM, Global Partner, AI, and Analytics, will tackle one of the biggest challenges for customer service leaders head-on. That challenge is summed up by the following question: How can AI and automation best be used to help elevate customer service without sacrificing the personal touch that only a live agent can provide? 

She advances that organizations don't need to adopt an "all or nothing" mentality regarding voice integration in customer service. Instead, Noelle will walk attendees through the foundations of building an incredible customer service organization using voice technology to augment the live customer service agents. Voice tech is not here to replace live agents but rather to make them more productive, increase customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line in any business.

Why a Retailer Is Committed to Voice - and What Retailers Need from Voice

On October 11, at 1:20 PM, Joel Crabb, Vice President, Architecture, and Chief Architect at Target Corporation, will discuss the importance of voice technology for retailers. He'll make the case that things like voice search and voice shopping are quickly becoming critical components of a successful retail experience moving forward.

In his talk, Joel will explain the steps he feels the voice industry needs to take to enable retailers to create value through voice. The retail experience is part of the digital transformation, and voice is one of its centerpieces.

Game Shows for Voice: More Games, Less Show 

On October 12, at 1:15 PM, Jess Thornhill, Director of User Experience at Volley, will join Jordan Mirrer, Director, Interactive Games at Sony Pictures Entertainment, for a joint talk. It will focus on the success major game show brands have had in creating a voice-based version of their game and making it available on voice platforms.

Together, they'll discuss why voice-based versions of popular game shows are among the most successful games on voice platforms. They'll also go into the process of creating a voice-based version of an existing game show and provide insights into the challenges that need to be overcome in the voice gaming space.

Multi-Assistant Ecosystems

On October 12, at 1:30 PM, Laura Rosenbaun, General Motors, Conversation Design Lead, will focus on ecosystems supporting multiple Virtual Assistants. In multi-assistant ecosystems, two or more voice assistants exist side by side. Because different voice assistants are good at handling different tasks, multi-assistant ecosystems can maximize the user experience by tapping into the best skills of each integrated voice assistant to complete the task at hand.

Laura will primarily discuss customer expectations and the design implications for multi-assistant environments. But will also be drawing upon current market trends and customer research to provide general design considerations for Conversational AI experiences, inside and outside the vehicle.

VOICE 2022

The above is just a tiny sliver of what VOICE 2022 has in store for you. It's an invaluable event for all those already working with voice or those just getting started. It's going to be fun, informative, and full of insights. Join us for VOICE 2022, October 10 to the 12th, to talk about voice.

You can view the agenda to see the full list of speakers.

The future is vocal.

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