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Meet Cathy Tran

Modev’s New Vice President of Partnerships

Modev is thrilled to announce Cathy Tran as its new Vice President of Partnerships. Cathy brings Modev her extensive experience in the events space as well as her seasoned business acumen.

She’s been in sales her entire professional life, having started her career in inside sales, selling software as a service (SaaS). But roughly seven years ago, she pivoted towards event sponsorships - getting vendors to buy booth space at industry conferences. And she’s been a key player in that space ever since, growing the profitability and the stature of the events put forth by the organizations she’s worked with.

While she’ll be enhancing Modev’s business in a variety of ways, her role will focus on two main objectives:

  • Growing Modev’s partnerships with the world’s most innovative tech companies, increasing event sponsorships.
  • Leveraging Modev’s experience to support other organizations wishing to host their events.

With Modev on a path to sustained growth, the time was right to bring on someone who understands the intricacies that link community, partnerships, and revenue growth together and could dedicate themselves to the above.

And we think Cathy is the perfect fit for such a role.

She says, “My goal is obviously to get more sponsors to sign up for each event and grow Modev’s revenue. But beyond that, my role is also about increasing Modev’s brand awareness and ensuring that both our event attendees and sponsors understand the value of our events, that what they learn and the partnerships they build at our events translate to real value for them and their organizations.”

Partnerships are crucial to Modev and the entire events space. On top of providing financial and logistical support, partnerships also help build a sense of community within the tech industry. By working together towards a common goal, our partners can create a collaborative and supportive environment that benefits everyone involved. This sense of community helps foster lasting relationships between attendees, sponsors, and organizers, leading to the immersive and meaningful experiences technology brings us, which would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Since its inception, community has always been one of Modev’s core values. We operate on the belief that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation. We realize this by creating events and experiences to foster connections and opportunities for all involved.

That’s Modev’s mindset. Cathy gets it, and so does Modev CEO Pete Erickson when he states, “We are so lucky to welcome Cathy into the fold here at Modev, and our partners are going to love working with her. She’s a creative problem solver and, with her years of experience, knows how to create a great event experience.”

We look forward to working with her and growing our business through solid partnerships while hosting more creative, meaningful, and community-driven events.

Please join me in welcoming Cathy Tran as Modev’s new Vice President of Partnerships.


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