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Introducing $BOT Coin

Voice tech is everywhere. You find it in entertainment, media, automotive, infotainment, customer service, fintech, and more. It's a vast industry. And while a lot of people may expect to find voice tech in their cars or their speakers, there are a few areas in which the technology is making headway that might surprise you. One such area is virtual currency.

CEO and founder of, Bret Kinsella, joined Pete Erickson at VOICE Global 2021 to discuss the state of voice technology. He also shared some of the recent voice tech innovations developed by, like its new GPT-3 Open AI language model. This language model promises to be the most sophisticated to date. But the bulk of the conversation was spent discussing $BOT Coin, a virtual currency for the voice tech community.

Coins for the community

More than just virtual currency, $BOT Coins are meant to create a closer sense of community for the voice tech industry. How so? Voice tech developers, marketers and enthusiasts alike can use $BOT Coins to reward each other and highlight each other's work.

As Kinsella says, "I, along with a few other people, came to the conclusion that we could have this currency, which would really be more of an affinity token. Or that it could be great to use it in a commercial transaction. But it's really more about acknowledging that we're all in the same place together. And we're using it as a means of exchange and means of recognition and reward."

Beyond cryptocurrency

$BOT Coins are created on the Rally platform, which is an open network that enables creators to launch independent economies with their communities powered by Ethereum. What’s cool about this is that $BOT Coins can be converted back into Ethereum at any time and then traded out to your bank. Putting this into the perspective of fiat currency, each $BOT Coin is currently worth around 10 U.S. dollars. And while the value of $BOT Coins can fluctuate, they're not meant to be an investment - and they're not a proper cryptocurrency either. There are no transaction fees and no wallets. $BOT Coins are more of a fun means of exchange, like loyalty program points, with the benefit of providing the community with a little more adhesiveness.

"I think that's a really important distinction: it's not a cryptocurrency. So it's not chewing up incredible amounts of bandwidth for every transaction. People need to understand that. When you trade $BOT Coin, it's like sending a tweet. It doesn't have an impact on the environment. I think that's a really important distinction. And again, I think the idea is that it becomes a little bit like glue for our community. It bonds us together," says Pete Erickson.

And both Kinsella and Erickson will send 10 $BOT Coins to the first 20 people to sign up with new accounts. After creating an account, let them know by sending them a direct message on Twitter @bretkinsella or @peteerickson.

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