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Voice and Conversational AI Report Review

Voice and conversational AI interfaces provide wide-ranging benefits to both customers and service providers across several industries, including financial services and banking. In this report, we measure the impacts of these gains across this sector in five countries. The report also provides critical insights from more than 100 global industry leaders and influencers.

vozy-reportNot only does it look at the ways AI-powered voice tech is enhancing the customer experience and simplifying operations for the industry, but the report also details the key factors driving this transformation. In a multi-faceted world, different elements are driving adoption for different people and organizations. 

Whether it's enhancing security, providing better customer experiences, or improving operational efficiencies, conversational AI is making strides and establishing itself not only as a new convenience but as a new way of deploying your services and interacting with your customers. 

Voice tech may be considered "new" today, but it will simply be taken for granted very soon. The time to make the leap is now - the future is vocal.

Let's look at some of the key takeaways highlighted in the report.

First off, the top issue that conversational AI solved for financial service providers was improved customer service, with 65% of companies surveyed stating that AI-powered voice tech improved their organization's customer service. 

Drilling down a little bit, we find that the most significant benefit of voice biometrics was easier authentication of customers, closely followed by convenience - which ties into the latter. This results in improved digital security and accounts for the 68% of companies surveyed claiming voice biometrics improved their organization's digital security practices.

The report also informs us that the primary drivers of AI voice tech and voice biometrics adoption tend to mirror the benefits they provide. That is better customer service and workforce optimizations regarding AI voice tech and enhanced digital security relative to voice biometrics.

Finally, 79% of companies surveyed stated that voice technology is currently playing a critical role in their enterprise customer experience strategy. And a whopping 85% believe that up-and-coming tech in voice will impact their organization's productivity and customer satisfaction in the future

These numbers speak volumes. And what they tell us is that the future is vocal.

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