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Modev Update on COVID-19 Corona Virus

by Pete Erickson

Modev is continuing to monitor all news and guidance related to the Novel Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19. We're following all recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO)—and recommend everyone to do the same.

Career Tools for Developers: Leadership

by Modev Staff

No project can run efficiently without some form of leadership. In fact, quite often the success or failure of a project, a team, or even a company can rest on the capabilities of the person or persons in leadership positions.

How to Ask Your Boss to Sponsor Your Event Ticket

by Martha Burwell

 Attending events like the upcoming DC Code Writers Workshop (June 9th) are smart investments not only for individuals, but also for companies. Attendees will leave with new skills, innovative ideas, and valuable connections—all of which can boost an employee’s contribution to their team.

#ChangeBanking Hackathon Results

by Modev Staff

Developers and designers from all over Chicago came together on Saturday, March 25th at the Capital One Cafe in Lincoln Park to build innovative Fintech apps using Capital One DevExchange APIs and Amazon Alexa Skills. The assembled teams spent eight hours coding new apps using cutting edge APIs including Bank Account Starter, Credit Offers, and Rewards, and Amazon Alexa Skills. 

The EXO Software Summit Brings Together Software and Product Leaders

by Pete Erickson

I'm proud to announce the EXO Software Summit, the most recent in our event series held in Aspen, Colorado, and the first under our new EXO Leaders series. 

The EXO Software Summit brings together the world's top leaders in software engineering and product for two off-the-record days of private talks and ideas on this era of exponential change in software delivery. 

Attending the event this year are top software and product leaders from companies including Uber, Netflix, Target, SAS, LinkedIn, IBM, Amazon, CapitalOne, Zillow, Aol, and several others. Sponsored by CapitalOne, Target and SAS, the event will focus on topics including:

  • DevOps, Software Automation, Agile, Team Management, Cloud Migration, Microservices, Recruiting and Retention, and more. 

This is not a typical conference event. There are no vendors, recruiters, or press. Just top leaders and industry colleagues connecting in an intimate setting to discuss the topics that matter most in our industry.