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Six Common Challenges Faced by Software Delivery Managers

by Mackenzie Clench

Project management has been called an "inexact science," but in the context of software development and delivery, it can seem even more inexact. Every project faces a number of challenges, and identifying them is the first step to mitigation.

Scaling Lean Operations in a Large Organization

by Modev Staff

Whether piloting a new program or managing smaller agile teams in your organization, there will come a time when success necessitates growth. And growth can be a terrifying prospect. It can negate the benefits of those smaller operations, reduce efficiency in the system you’ve created, or create new problems not foreseen during the pilot.

The Fundamentals of Engineering Culture

by Modev Staff

At the heart of every good organization is a strong engineering culture – a “manifestation of the shared values of the organization as represented by the actions of its members” (Kevin Goldsmith, Avvo). These actions are structural, are taught to each new member of a team, and are integrated into how an organization operates and how new applicants are evaluated.

The EXO Software Summit Brings Together Software and Product Leaders

by Pete Erickson

I'm proud to announce the EXO Software Summit, the most recent in our event series held in Aspen, Colorado, and the first under our new EXO Leaders series. 

The EXO Software Summit brings together the world's top leaders in software engineering and product for two off-the-record days of private talks and ideas on this era of exponential change in software delivery. 

Attending the event this year are top software and product leaders from companies including Uber, Netflix, Target, SAS, LinkedIn, IBM, Amazon, CapitalOne, Zillow, Aol, and several others. Sponsored by CapitalOne, Target and SAS, the event will focus on topics including:

  • DevOps, Software Automation, Agile, Team Management, Cloud Migration, Microservices, Recruiting and Retention, and more. 

This is not a typical conference event. There are no vendors, recruiters, or press. Just top leaders and industry colleagues connecting in an intimate setting to discuss the topics that matter most in our industry.