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Ready for Summer? Voice-enabled Assistants Can Help

The whole world has had to step up its time management game at home this past year. And our priorities have changed. We’re now organizing family activities, trying to fit in personal exercise, all while trying to find a better balance between home life and tumultuous work schedules. It’s been an exhausting year. Now, with summer upon us and schools ready for a break, it might just be time for a mid-year sanity and goal check.

We have some suggestions on how voice technology can help.

Get Back into Shape

It’s never too late! Voice assistants can now remind you to stretch, exercise, and stay hydrated. Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa encourage you to set up a daily routine to stay productive and healthy.

Go ahead and use the Waterlog app integration to track how much water you are drinking per day. You can also ask your assistant for nutritional information about your food and ingredients with the Nutrition Facts app. For example, “How much vitamin C is in an orange?” or “Hey Google, find me a seafood recipe.”

Integrate your favorite health apps like Nike Run Club and MyFitnessPal on your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Whether you want to add a regular workout routine or try to get a full night’s rest, setting reminders on your voice assistant will keep you focused on your goals. 5-minute plank is one of the most popular Google Home fitness actions to quickly and easily strengthen core muscles between your regular at-home activities. Another popular option is Quick Workout which allows you to use your body weight for a guided workout.

Catch up on ZZZs

One of the most underrated but essential ways to improve our overall well-being is sleep hygiene. While most experts suggest 8-9 hours of sleep per night, Americans report sleeping an average of 7 hours. Set a bedtime and a wake-up time each day using your voice assistant to feel more rested and productive.

Maintain a Calendar & Set Reminders

With 500 million monthly active users of Google Assistant, the shift towards voice assistants is growing. Whether you’re returning to the office, going to the grocery store or carpooling the kids to camp, integrating your calendar and maps can keep you on top of upcoming meetings, and account for travel time.

Kick the Online Shopping Habit

Finally, if you’ve been doing too much online shopping, it may be time for a bit of a reality check. Use the Mint app to check your accounts and stay on track with your financial goals.

So whether you are trying to reprioritize your goals, get organized before summer break, learn some new recipes or save money, voice assistants are here to help.

One last tip: Don’t forget to set a reminder to tune into the next VOICE Talks on June 24 at 2 p.m. ET!