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Modev Selected to Manage Drata's Inaugural User Conference, Drataverse

The highly anticipated event taking place June 22 in San Francisco is expected to bring together cybersecurity, IT, and compliance professionals to build community and share knowledge.

We are excited to announce that Modev has been hand-selected to manage the highly anticipated inaugural user and compliance summit for, Drataverse. As a leading expert in organizing conferences and events, Modev has built a reputation for creating incredible experiences that foster community growth and knowledge sharing. With years of experience under their belt, Modev is expected to help make the inaugural Drataverse conference an unforgettable experience.

Why Modev?

When asked about the decision to partner with Modev for Drataverse, Elliot Volkman, a representative from Drata, said, “The first company that came to mind for helping us organize our very first user conference is Modev. I’ve watched them build community and create great experiences for years and knew they would make the perfect partner.” Modev’s dedication to creating engaging and valuable experiences aligns seamlessly with Drata’s goal of bringing together its users, partners, and enthusiasts for an unparalleled conference experience.

What to Expect at Drataverse

As the first-ever user and compliance summit for, Drataverse will bring compliance, risk, IT, and security professionals together for a day of keynotes, presentations, announcements, panels, workshops, networking, and entertainment.

With Modev at the helm, Drataverse is poised to be a fun and informative event that strengthens the Drata community and creates new alliances, opportunities, and friendships. For more details on the event, please visit and take 50% off your passes with the discount code modev.

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