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From Hype to Essential and Beyond -- The Journey Is Just Beginning

The voice tech and AI industry have experienced explosive growth in just the past few years alone, and it is clear that the uptick will only continue. No longer a potential component of business and marketing, it is now essential. Ensuring that your company evolves to meet tomorrow’s needs requires innovative thinking, extraordinary leadership, and perhaps, a crystal ball. 

While December’s VOICE Talks is the last episode for the 2021 season, we all know that the VOICE journey is just beginning. Tune in on December 16 to hear how executives at Capital One, Lenovo, and TuneIn are leveraging voice in their respective industries. 

The December episode will expand upon the recently concluded VOICE 2021, a summit showcasing the top thought leaders and brands making a meaningful impact on conversational AI. This month’s VOICE Talks will feature a panel that includes Richard Stern, CEO of TuneIn, Diana Mingels, Senior Software Engineering Manager, Conversational AI at Capital One, and Andi Huels, Head of AI for North America at Lenovo. Pete Erickson, CEO of Modev, will moderate the panel that will take a retrospective look at the advancements in voice, and provide advice for those who want to implement or improve their own voice strategy, and a look ahead at this transformational technology.

We’ll also have a brief segment from Google Assistant Developer Relations team's Mike Bifulco who will walk us through how the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) can make your conversational apps more natural and engaging.

Bonus: Stick around to view a “Best of VOICE Talks” segment highlighting some of the featured guests throughout season two. 

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