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Today's Speakers

Time Session Name Speaker Title Company
15 Oct, 14:30 PM VoiceLunch VoiceLunch

On-Demand Content

Spinnaker Summit | Opening Keynote | Sarah Novotny

Spinnaker Summit | Sponsor Keynote: Scaling Spinnaker for multi-region multi-cloud SaaS deployments in production | Edgar Magana & Gopinath Rebala

Spinnaker Summit |This is an Open Source Project, Why do we Need a Vulnerability Management Process? | Beth Fuller

Spinnaker Summit | Spinnaker Plugins By Example | Clay McCoy

Spinnaker Summit | Keynote: The Life & Death of Great American Cities: What urban city planning has in common with Open Source Software | Isaac Mosquera

Spinnaker Summit | Managed Delivery for Kubernetes: a collaboration story | Luis Pollo, Rob Hilton & Nima Kaviani

Spinnaker Summit | How Customer Success matters in Product Led growth | Sucheta Chhabra & Beth Fuller

Spinnaker Summit | Using Spinnaker like a pro when Kubernetes multi-tenancy is a nightmare | Dan Popescu & Iulian Titiriga

Spinnaker Summit | Visibility from Code to Cloud - How pipeline analytics is changing how we think about the SDLC | Chris Riley

Spinnaker Summit | Scaling Spinnaker for kubernetes deployments| German Muzquiz Rodriguez

Spinnaker Summit | The challenges of using Spinnaker as a multi-tenant Continuous Delivery service and how we have overcome them | Serge Poueme

Spinnaker Summit | Enabling Diverse Application Use Cases using Spinnaker - Cisco Success Story | Anil Anaberumutt & Balaji Sivasubramanian

Spinnaker Summit | Automating Your Infrastructure Deployments on AWS | Paul Roberts & Nima Kaviani

Spinnaker Summit | Hardening Spinnaker Pipelines| Jacques Thomas, Jacob Kobernik, Tim Hinrichs

Spinnaker Summit | To Go or Not To Go: 4 Error Metrics You Need for Confident Release Validation| Eric Mizell & Lee Faus

Spinnaker Summit | I don’t always test my code, but when I do it’s in production | Isaac Mosquera

Spinnaker Summit | Let's build a Spinnaker pipeline in a bank, a highly regulated environment.| AbdulBasit Kabir

Spinnaker Summit | Keynote: The 3 S’sences of Black Professional: Structures, Strategy, and Statements | Cheryl Ingram, Angie Marable, and Nikema Prophet

Spinnaker Summit | Dynamic Account Management Framework for Spinnaker | Nicholas Cohen & Nima Kaviani

Spinnaker Summit | How We Decided the Time Was Now - Choosing Spinnaker as a part of your CI/CD Solution | Jay Gorrell & Angie Marable

Spinnaker Summit | Playstation's Code Deployment to Kubernetes Flow with Spinnaker, Helm & AWS | Bhavesh Bhavsar

Spinnaker Summit | Scale CI/CD in Your Enterprise Through An Internal Spinnaker as-a-Service Model | Balaji Sivasubramanian & Gopinath Rebala

Spinnaker Summit | Roadmap: Build your career as a Spinnaker contributor | Rosalind Benoit

Spinnaker Summit | Ethically Sustainable Digital Transformation| Siddharth Pareek

Spinnaker Summit | Spinnaker Extensibility: A Journey | Cameron Motevasselani

Spinnaker Summit | Hermez Pipelines — forging a path to a delightful deployment experience at Pinterest| Tobi Ogunnaike & Lise Statelman

Spinnaker Summit | Spinnaker at Airbnb, one year in. | Jens Vandergaege & Manish Maheshwari

Spinnaker Summit | UI Plugin Development | Daniel Peach

Spinnaker Summit | Yahoo Case Study: Automated Canary Analysis using Spinnaker Kayenta| Palash Agrawal

Spinnaker Summit | Develop Pipelines as Code | Robert Wen

Spinnaker Summit | Beyond unit tests: Lessons learned from contributing higher level tests for Amazon ECS | Allie Stanko & Piradeep Kandasamy

Spinnaker Summit | Spinnaker Observability in Practice with Kubernetes. | Jason McIntosh

Spinnaker Summit | Automate Vulnerability Detection in DevOps with Spinnaker | Anthony Baer

Spinnaker Summit | Growing Pains - Taking off the training wheels | Chuck Lane & Trey Morris

Spinnaker Summit | Securing your Deployments using a Policy Driven Approach | Andrew Way & Lee Faus

Spinnaker Summit | Secure Delivery in our Remote Reality: Modzy's Approach to DevSecOps | Nathan Mellis

Spinnaker Summit | Spinnaker at Upside - Getting Started, Establishing Culture, and How we Deploy Hundreds of Microservices with Confidence | Christopher Rung & Jeremy Deppen

Spinnaker Summit | Evolution of Continuous Product Discovery | Ehab Bandar

Spinnaker Summit | Spinnaker Operator with OpenShift | Ip Sam

Spinnaker Summit | Migrate Legacy Deployment Orchestration to Spinnaker | Robert Wen

Spinnaker Summit | 5 Reasons Spinnaker Aligns to FinServ Business Initiatives | Ryan Cartwright

Spinnaker Summit | From Zero to EKS with Terraform and Kleat | Rob Hilton & Nima Kaviani

Spinnaker Summit | How we deploy Spinnaker microservice pods via Spinnaker at Pinterest | Yaqin Li

Spinnaker Summit | Changing face of Developer Communities in the time of Covid-19 | Prasad Seth

Spinnaker Summit | My Experience Creating an Orca Plugin for the First Time | Alex McNeill

Spinnaker Summit | Delivering Golden AMIs with Spinnaker | David Hurng

Spinnaker Summit | Spinnaker-as-Code SIG Update | Luis Pollo

Spinnaker Summit | Evolution of Large-Scale Continuous Releases Using Spinnaker at Salesforce | Sudha Subramanian & Vamshidhar Rao Gandham

Spinnaker Summit | Configuration Injection via Git | Nirmalya Sen

Spinnaker Summit | Benchmarking and Optimizing Software Delivery Performance | Drew Horn

Spinnaker Summit | Zero to Spinnaker at the Speed of GitOps | Fernando Freire & Akshay Dayal

Spinnaker Summit | Infrastructure as Software | Paul Stack

Spinnaker Summit | Plugins: An internals deep dive | Rob Zienert

Spinnaker Summit | Vault integration for application delivery in Spinnaker pipelines - best practices and lessons from field | Gopinath Rebala

Spinnaker Summit | Closing Keynote | Angie Jones

Spinnaker Summit | CI SIG Update | Gal Yardeni, Elise McCallum, Jens Vanderhaeghe

Spinnaker Summit | AWS SIG Update | Casey Hebebrand, Allie Stanko, Clare Liguori, Akshay Dayal

Spinnaker Summit | UI SIG Update | Chris Tielen

Spinnaker Summit | Azure SIG Update | Edgar Magana