Voicify: Rashi Miller & Jeff McMahon

The Virtual Booth Experience


Rashi Miller, VP of Voicify
Jeff McMahon, CEO of Voicify

While demos are best live, Voicify has utilized this time to for Rashi Miller and Jeff McMahon to sit down and share what Voicify means to the market. Both of them share how Voicify got started, what it is and where things are trending.

Voicify is a no code solution that allows marketers and customer service managers direct access to conversational experience management. It is a web based user interface that builds with open APIs to allow integration to or with any existing back office enterprise platforms that would be typical.

Open API is important for this platform because when you connect new digital channels to existing systems, the result is exponentially more value. This interface is also rooted in content management. Jeff refers to content as king. The root of most systems is content be it customer information, visuals, audio, etc.

Voice is a powerful way to experience the world around you. There are so many new technologies that will be enhanced by voice. Customers are innovating and moving quickly to use this interface of the future.

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