Student Perspectives - Programming Voice Controlled Devices


Zac Jarrard, moderator and project manager at Park University
Dr. Wen Zin, professor at Park University
Jay Canty, Park University alumni, FDM Group
Edgar Cerna, student of the University of Missouri Kansas City
Ryan Cheung, student at Park University
Francis Muwalo, student at Park University
Yvette Karanja, student at Park University
Edwin Chaves, student at Park University

Listen to this panel of phenomenal students, faculty and staff. Jay Canty shared about the Alexa club and the creation of multiple skills to demonstrate different features of technology. He later created a Thesaurus quiz game and later an astrological picture of the day with NASA. Edgar gained a lot but reflects on how much he grew in being able to teach those who don’t have a background in programming. Ryan was also a member of the Alexa club of Park University and he especially saw the opportunity to dive into voice devices as non of the university core curriculum did not cover voice technology. Francis Muwalo shared that he created a skill that would help him find things in his home. From Malawi, he created a skill that will allow others to learn basic information about his home country. Yvette Karanja is from Kenya and joined the Alexa club with very little background in technology. Still, she was able to learn from others and work together with them to create more skills. She is working on a skill on Alexa that will allow people to learn more about wonders of the world as a travel enthusiast herself. This especially stands out now as most of us aren’t able to travel during the pandemic. Lastly, we heard from Edwin Chaves who though fairly new to Alexa club is looking forward to programming API calls and seeing how to improve this to be more effective.

The group then took on a discussion on how to uncomplicate Alexa skill and where they want to take voice technology in the future.

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