Karen Kaushansky

The Secret Lives of Conversational Designers Featuring: Karen Kaushansky, Senior Conversation Design... More>

Emerson Sklar/Diego Valdivia (Bespoken)

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate Featuring: Emerson Skiar, Chief Evangelist of Bespoken... More>

Pete + Richard Weeks

Fireside Chat with US Bank’s Richard Weeks Featuring: Richard Weeks, Head of Conversational Experien... More>

Pete + Ashwin

Fireside Chat with Ashwin Karuhatty Featuring: Ashwin Karuhatty, Head of Partnerships, Global Produc... More>

Joan Palmiter Bajorek

The Founding and Future of Women in Voice Featuring: Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek, Founder, CEO and Pre... More>

Shivay Lamba

Leveraging the Use of Voice Technology in Professional Networking Startups Featuring: Shivay Lamba, ... More>

Phoebe Liu (Appen)

Training Conversational Agents on Noisy Data Featuring: Phoebe Liu, Senior Data Scientist at Appen More>

Andreea Danielsescu/ Rebecca Ivanhoe

Do Better: Building Gender-Inclusive Conversational AIs Featuring: Andreea Danielescu, Manager of Ac... More>

David Code

Creating a Career (and a Community) That You Love Featuring: David Code, Communications Specialist a... More>

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