Go Vivace: Stephen Rothschild/Raj Karbar

The Next Era in Customer Engagement: Conversational AI Assistants


Stephen Rothschild, VP Marketing GoVivace
Raj Karbar, Director of Business Development GoVivace

Voice Assistant are now globally socialized! The next era of voice engagement is conversational voice assistants. There have been recent technological changes to processing, speech recognition, natural voice, smart speakers and internet bandwidth that have made them more accurate and enjoyable solutions.

The voice market today is 1.7 billion dollar in 2019 and expected to grow immensely by 2030. This technology is being demanded around the world due to it’s customization.

Voice Assistants are compelling because:

  • People enjoy human
  • Personality branding
  • Intelligently efficient
  • Proactive engagement
  • Multiple channels
  • Augments existing apps

The Vivi platform is one conversational assistant platform that brings all the best breed technology together to make a single amazing customer experience.

For example, one agent will help make appointments, manage televisions, coordinate multiple appointments and self help agents.

Voice assistant brings confidence to a company that desires improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency with increased dialogue accuracy.

ViVi provides behind the scenes analytics to change up the voice assistant in a way that will increase revenue and create the best customer service experience for all users.

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