Audrey Arbeeny

Opening Keynote with AudioBrain’s Audrey Arbeeny


Audrey Arbeeny, Founder/CEO/ Executive Producer Audio Brain

This past year has caused many of us to rethink the way we work, the tools we use, the products we develop and opportunities for whatever the future may hold. Audrey brings her 25 years of experience with Sonic Branding, 18 of those being at Audio Brain to share with us how the voice space has changed for her in the past year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way we live our lives. Brands have been forced to adapt to many unforeseen challenges in a very short period of time. These challenges, however difficult, also present new opportunities for growth- particularly through the adoption of sound-first communications and the strategic use of sound.

Voice tech and conversational AI is used by more brands to engage with consumers who are confined to their homes with limited ability to participate in traditional market interactions.

Audrey’s main tips for this COVID season are:

  • Take action now-this landscape is shifting at lightning speed. Move your brand forward with strategic, distinguished and quality sound wherever possible.
  • Pivot- to align with this new landscape. Analyze what you do well and where it fits in the new model of business. Make your own new schedule.
  • Develop a unique position for your brand- map out your brand’s sound points and listen to what leading brands are sounding like. Get an expert opinion to help guide you.
  • Care about sound-it is as important, if not more important right now than your visuals. Work with a REAL sonic branding team to help you find your unique audio DNA and sonic strategy: a sound that is uniquely you.
  • Create unique experiences- take the place of in-person. Engage with your audience in new and novel ways. Embrace technology-stay relevant, read, take classes, attend events. Hire the right people to set up for you or barter your expertise for that of others.
  • Most importantly- bring emotion and empathy back to everything you create. People need emotional connections and humanism in the new, often isolated, disconnected digital landscape.

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