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Real-World Examples of Voice and Virtual Assistants: Insights from Active Voice Apps


In this interactive webinar, Voicify Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Fields, presents 6-12 use cases from major brands across a variety of sectors and explains why they entered voice, what they are doing, and the business value they expected and are receiving.

You'll get a better, shared understanding of the market landscape and immediately get into examples of the use cases of brands like Wolverine Worldwide, VW, Bank of America, and a variety of other companies.

This is a quick-moving presentation that will offer a comprehensive set of voice assistant applications sharing components of how and why they decided to start where they did. Viewers will come away with a sense of success in the space and considerations for their own voice initiatives.

Presented by Jason Fields, Chief Strategy Officer, Voicify

Jason Fields

Jason is the Chief Strategy Officer for Voicify. Jason acts as a collaborator and leader with Voicify’s partners and customers, enabling them to leverage the power of the Voicify platform to engage with their customers and prospects. Jason is an evangelist, speaker, thought leader and strategist for the company. Jason is passionate about personalizing the relationships between brands and customers, for the betterment of both. He believes in finding the ‘Youtility’ of what brands can do to better the experiences of those they serve.

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