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Empathy is Key: Is AI-based Voice Analytics a Major Leap in Creating Empathic Conversational AI?

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As the AI field progresses rapidly with tech giants unveiling new models almost quarterly, it's clear that impactful AI requires more than just incremental enhancements.

This webinar explores the potential of Empathic AI in revolutionizing conversational agents across various sectors, including but not limited to call centers, health care, market research, and video games.

We’ll discuss the critical role of emotions and empathy in natural communication, and how our company has leveraged over a decade of experience to train an AI model capable of detecting expressions, emotions, attributes and biomarkers from vocal tones.

Discover how this breakthrough in voice analytics can transform AI interactions, making them more human-like and emotionally resonant. Join us as we delve into the future of empathic conversational AI.

Presented by Dr. Florian Eyben, CTO & Co-Founder of audEERING, and Soroosh Mashal, Principal AI Strategist at audEERING

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Dr. Florian Eyben is an electrical engineer, who received his doctorate summa cum laude. He is an expert in the field of digital signal processing, speech and music analysis and machine learning and CTO and co-founder of audEERING

soroosh mashal

Soroosh Mashal is the Principal AI Strategist at audEERING, bringing nearly a decade of specialized experience in the AI industry and over 15 years in the IT sector. With a robust background in artificial intelligence and extended reality (XR), he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the industry's intricacies. Soroosh’s extensive expertise positions him as a key figure in driving innovative strategies and advancements at audEERING.

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About audEERING

At audEERING, we offer easy-to-implement solutions via Web API, SDK, or Unity/Unreal plug-in. These have been trained on millions of acoustic data points. We use deep neural networks and unsupervised learning to train and recognize the tone of voice, vocal biomarkers, acoustic parameters, age, gender, and other attributes from voice, speech, and acoustic environments. 

Our client portfolio includes big tech, pharma, market research, immersive games, education, and entertainment.


Our Moderator for the Webinar will be Joti Balani, Founder & Managing Director of Freshriver.ai. Joti is a creative architect designing and delivering complex enterprise, human and systemic transformations with her multidimensional framework blending AI, Data Science, Engineering and Social Sciences. She leads transformative innovations at Fortune 100 enterprises to create emotional, economic and brand value with her team, who represent the empowered human race in all dimensions