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The Security by Design Podcast brings the secure software discussion to all developers, architects, DevOps engineers and security stakeholders. We'll plan on a weekly release and look forward to your input on our programming. If you like the show, please give us a five star review on iTunes or Google Play.


Pete Erickson

Pete Erickson

Daniel Ford

Daniel Ford

Ryan Lelek

Ryan Lelek

Security By Design Episode 9 - Stephen Thompson

Joining us in the studio is Aussie Stephen Thompson, CTO of the EFIIA Group, a security consultancy focusing on the government space. Stephen has several patents related to securing information and networks and his perspective on security in todays world shines through.

Episode 8

Pete and Ryan chat about the Security by Design Conference and what the community is looking for. Marshall Pierce, principal engineer at Truevault. 

Episode 7

David Hannigan, Managing Vice President of Information Security and Risk Management, Capital One. David lays out the argument for the Security by Design approach and the strategy that Capital One is pursuing when it comes to facing exponential security challenges and a rapidly growing technical organization.

Episode 6

This week we sit down with Nate Cantelmo, the Director of Research and Development for ArmorText. As an industry security expert, Nate shares the challenges and opportunities in the messaging space as more scrutiny is being put onto the plethora of cloud communication platforms entering the market. 

Episode 5

This week in our studio we welcome Harold Smith- seasoned coder, serial entrepreneur and founder ofMonkton.io, a platform that promises to improve the ability to build secure apps for customers that have security and compliance requirements that are inhibiting innovative developers from reaching those markets. 

Episode 4

This week we're joined in the studio by Harold Smith, serial entrepreneur and creator of the secure development platform Monkton.io. Our guest is Derek Weeks, Vice President and DevOps Advocate at SonaType, creator of the Nexus suite of products that are helping modern development organizations intelligently source, manage, assemble, and maintain open source and third-party components, so they can improve the quality, security, and speed of their software supply chains.

Episode 3

Andrew is the Co-founder and CEO of NowSecure. As a former CIO, Andrew has unique insight into solving enterprise mobile security problems and is driven by NowSecure’s mission to advance mobile security worldwide. He is responsible for the vision, strategy and growth of the company.

Episode 2

In the era of machine learning, AI and automated software delivery, we have an opportunity to make our products more human than ever. In this episode we'll take a closer look at how and why organizations are automating from a very human standpoint. 

Episode 1

In this episode we set the stage for why we've launched the Security by Design community and some of the back story of how Capital One and Modev collaborated to kick things off. Joining in on the discussion are Greg Huff and Ryan Lelek, both developers with Capital One and Dan Ford, Security Fellow for Modev and industry influencer.

We'll focus on software security trends and ways that developers across mobile, front-end and backend can incorporate best practices from day one.

The essential security conference for all who desire to build trustworthy software. Developers, DevOps Engineers, Software Architects, Security Software Engineers, Designers and more.

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