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Beyond. The. Code.

Boost your career and personal brand.    

Friday May 20, 2016  |  9am-4pm  | McLean, VA

The Code Writers Workshop is for developers in pursuit of a great life in software. We go beyond code to the hard bits of building a strong personal brand and rewarding career journey.

Our speakers have been carefully chosen to provide a day of insights, inspiration and actionable ideas to last a lifetime.  




John Sonmez
Simple Programmer


Ray Wenderlich


Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack
CEO Fizzmint


Dr. Tom Love
CEO Shoulders Corp


Bobby Calderwood
Capital One Fellows


Jackie Kazil
Capital One Fellows


8:00AM Doors, continental breakfast & networking
9:00AM Teaching and Mentoring

Mentorship has had a major impact on Bobby Calderwood's career as a developer and now leader. Bobby discusses the important role mentorship plays in our careers and how he's now passing on the benefits he's received. 

                                                                                                                                                Led by Bobby Calderwood

When we teach what we know, we give back. And teaching is an art, more than a science. Ray Wenderlich shares his expertise after years of his own writing and leading more than 100 other contributors.

Led by Ray Wenderlich
10:45AM BREAK - Sodas, Coffee, Teas, Snacks 
11:00AM Your Personal Brand

Acclaimed author John Sonmez literally wrote the life manual for developers. John takes us on a journey from when he made a personal decision to go from programmer to developer champion to author and retirement at the age of 33.

Led by John Sonmez
12:00PM Lunch Provided & Author Signings
1:30PM Leading and Influencing

What is your definition of effective leadership today? And how are the top performers honing their skills as leaders? Noted author, security geek and CEO of Fizzmint, Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack shares the habits, systems and processes of leaders and a culture where great leadership is recognized.

Led by Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack

So how does one go from a career as a data scientist and python developer to working as a Presidential Innovation Fellow- influencing White House technology policy? Industry leading contributor and author Jackie Kazil takes us through her journey and how focusing on influence opened doors she never could have imagined.

Led by Jackie Kazil
3:00PM BREAK Sodas, Coffee, Teas, Snacks
3:15PM Envisioning Your Legacy

To co-invent one of the top three computer languages in the world takes a belief in oneself that few dare. But Dr. Tom Love will tell you that your legacy will be defined by the risks you take, not the ones you didn't.

Led by Dr. Tom Love

4:00-4:45PM Post Event Networking Reception

What to Expect

Meet other industry influencers
Expert coaching on the next level of your career
Invigorate your motivation and purpose
Emerge with actionable ideas

What People are Saying


"The most important one day investment a developer can make."  

Dr. Tom Love, co-inventor of Objective-C.


Capital One Auditorium
1680 Capital One Drive
Mclean, VA 22102  (Map)

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