Wearables, IoT and Natural Language
in Healthcare

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Voicehacks Wearables & Things


Wearables in Healthcare has moved past the hype and are now playing a key role in clinical success, cost reduction and improved patient experience. At the same time, the fastest growing interface in technology, the human voice, promises to accelerate transformative potential in healthcare. Join industry leaders for a day of thought leadership on the state of the market in Wearables, Internet of Things and Natural Language in Healthcare. 



Wearables & Things Track

8:00am: Check-in & Coffee

9:00am: Opening Remarks

with Pete Erickson of Modev

9:15am: Opening Keynote on "What if your car can sense a heart attack before it happens? Impact of IoT and AI and Connected Cars on Personal Wellness"

with Ashok Nare of Kollabio

9:45am: "Connecting health care and research through mobile technology"

with David Heenan of Aces

10:00am: "Wearable Clinical Trial Solutions - Creating Insights and Value for Sponsors and Patients"

with Jeremy Wyatt of Actigraph

10:30am: Break

10:45am: "New Technologies for Improving Mental Health"

with Adam Powell of Payer & Provider Syndicate

11:00am: "Ambient Light Sensor Impacts on Circadian Rythm Problems"

with Jacquie Olds of Sunsprite

11:15am: Post Hype - Wearable/IoT Longterm Growth in Healthcare and Wellness

Entire Room Moderated Discussion

11:30am: Lunch

Natural Language Track

12:30pm: Opening Keynote on "Improving Patient Outcomes with Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence Technologies"

with Kai Worrell of Worrell

1:00pm: NLP and Clinical Vocabulary

with David Thompson of Health Navigator

1:30pm: "The Emergence of Conversational Agents in Clinical Trials and Healthcare"

with Barry Bedell of Dynamicly

1:45pm: "UX Patterns for Voice in Healthcare"

with Bill Rogers of Orbita Health

2:15pm: Break

2:30pm: "Strategies for Sustained Behavioral Change"

with Simona Gilman of Medisafe

2:45pm: "The Influence of IOT and AI on People with Disabilities"

with Shana Penna of Puffin

3:00pm: "How AI is impacting healthcare and why we should care."

with Pinaki Dasgupta of Hindsait

3:15pm: Winner of the Alexa Diabetes Challenge, sponsored by Merck in partnership with Amazon.

Anne Weiler, Wellpepper & Mike Van Snellenberg, Wellpepper

3:30pm: Keynote - "Natural language changes everything"

Noelle LaCharite, Amazon

4:00pm: Roundtable Discussions

4:30pm: Adjourn

Stick around for roundtable discussions with your colleagues - we'll build the roundtable agendas throughout the day as interesting conversations come up. Attendees may opt to lead a 30-60 minute discussion.

Lunch Menu


Noelle LaCharite

Senior Technical Program Manager, Amazon Alexa
As a Sr. Technical Program Manager I lead a team that owns and manages projects that will help define the vision for Alexa’s voice experience, drive investments in accuracy and end-to-end voice experience quality and find opportunities for increasing innovation across the data science and engineering teams related to machine learning.
Adam C. Powell

Adam C. Powell

President, Payer + Provider Syndicate
Adam C. Powell, Ph.D. is President of Payer+Provider Syndicate, a management advisory and operational consulting firm focused on the managed care and healthcare delivery industries. A healthcare economist and published author, Dr. Powell's specialty as a consultant is using quantitative techniques to examine issues concerning healthcare technology, quality, and operations. His peer-reviewed research has focused on improving healthcare quality in mHealth (mobile health) and in high-cost areas of medicine, especially those subject to prior authorization. He manages the outcomes research alliance between HealthHelp and Humana. He serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR): Mental Health and on the Scientific Advisory Board of PsyberGuide. He additionally is known for his expertise in global health informatics, and has lectured extensively in Asia.
Jon Michaeli

Simona Gilman

Senior Marketing Manager, Medisafe
As the senior marketing manager at Medisafe, Simona oversees consumer growth and adoption, through patient recruitment and communication strategies. She has also led the launch of several digital tools for pharma and provider partners, including most recently Medisafe's AdherenceGrader, which allows users to compare adherence rates for any brand medication. Previously, she worked at Withings, acquired by Nokia in May 2016, as a marketing manager, leading brand partners in campaign development.
David Thompson

David Thompson

CEO & Chief Medical Officer. Health Navigator
David Thompson, MD, FACEP is CEO and chief medical officer at Health Navigator. A part-time faculty attending in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Emergency Department, Dr. Thompson also works as an author and partner with Self Care Decisions, LLC and Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content, LLC. In a collaboration with well-known pediatrician Dr. Barton Schmitt, Dr. Thompson has developed a comprehensive set of telephone triage protocols that are used in medical call centers and doctors’ offices in the United States and internationally. He is board-certified in both internal medicine and emergency medicine, having completed a dual residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital at Northwestern University. Dr. Thompson is a Fellow in the American College of Emergency Physicians. He can be reached at
Pinka Dasgupta

Pinka Dasgupta

Founder, Hindsait
Pinaki Dasgupta is a visionary health-tech entrepreneur and passionate advocate of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform healthcare. As the founder and CEO of Hindsait, he leads an over-achieving multi-disciplinary team to build one of most innovative AI technologies that has proven to improve clinical management by eliminating unnecessary health services, errors and biases.

Mike Van Snellenberg

CTO & Co-Founder, Wellpepper

Drew Logan

Senior Director Product & Patient Engagement, Medtronic
Shana Penna

Shana Penna

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Puffin
Shana Penna is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Puffin, an Assistive Technology startup that is developing intelligent technologies for people with significant disabilities. Currently, Puffin is a finalist at MassChallenge and received funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs SAHAT program. In addition, she is also a freelance strategy and management consultant with a focus on early stage tech startups both in Beijing and Boston. This builds off of the 8 years spent in the insurance and investment industry.
Shana received a Global Master’s in Business Administration (GMBA) from an MIT Sloan affiliate dual degree program at Tsinghua University in Beijing China.
Dr. Barry J. Bedell

Dr. Barry J. Bedell

Founder, Dynamicly Inc.
Dr. Barry J. Bedell is Founder of Dynamicly Inc., an innovative company developing disruptive conversational technologies, and Co-Founder of Biospective Inc., a leading contract research organization (CRO) specializing in digital health and imaging. He is also an Associate Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery at McGill University, and a Research Scientist at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre. Dr. Bedell received his Ph.D. in Medical Physics from the University of Texas/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and post-doctoral fellowship in MRI physics at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. He received his M.D. degree and completed his residency in Anatomical Pathology, with a specialization in Neuropathology, from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Bedell is an internationally-recognized expert in the development of advanced biomarkers.
Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers

CEO, Orbita
Bill’s unique combination of deep, hands-on technology expertise and broad-based business strategy acumen allows him to take a unique, holistic approach with managing software companies. He co-founded Orbita to help organizations leverage voice as the next digital frontier. Orbita’s first-of-its-kind voice experience management platform and natural language understanding engine software is used to design, build, and manage next-generation voice assistants based voice application services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. He previously founded Ektron, providers of Web content and digital experience management platforms used to create and manage unique, personalized digital experiences. The company was acquired in 2014 and merged with Episerver. Rogers also co-founded one of healthcare’s first telemedicine companies.
Ashok Nare

Ashok Nare

Founder & CEO of Kollabio
Ashok Nare is the Founder & CEO of Kollabio, Inc., a Digital Transformation firm that offers products and solutions to help Healthcare organizations transform themselves into 21st century digital organizations and offer unique digital experiences to their customers. Mr. Nare has over 20 years of hands-on, leadership and executive experience in Enterprise Software Development, Technical Leadership, Organizational Transformation and Business Operations. Prior to starting Kollabio, he served as a CTO at multiple startups where he was responsible for technical leadership, building high performance technical teams, new product development and establishing technology strategy/vision. His areas of expertise are Digital Strategy & Transformation, Solution Architecture, Cloud Computing, New Product Development and Agile Software Delivery. He is an avid promoter of IoT, AI and Digital Health technologies and is a frequent speaker at Health & Technology conferences including mHealth Summit 2015, Health Slam 2016, Smart Cities Symposium 2017, Heart and Stroke Innovation Forum 2017, IoT Slam 2017 and IoT Evolution 2017.
Jeremy Wyatt

Jeremy Wyatt

CTO, ActiGraph
Jeremy is the Chief Technology Officer and Sr. Vice President of Product Development at ActiGraph, a global provider of physical activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical and academic industries. After graduating with his electrical engineering degree from the University of Florida, Jeremy spent six years as an embedded systems developer, redesigning hardware systems for military aircraft. He joined the ActiGraph team as a founding member in 2004 and worked with the team to develop one of the world's first FDA class II cleared activity and sleep monitors. Before taking his role as an executive, Jeremy earned his MBA from the University of West Florida in 2010.
David Heenan

David Heenan

Founder & President, Aces Health
Aces Health is a healthcare tech startup that develops products for the industry's leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our flagship BYOD app platform saves critical time and money in the clinical research phase of drug development to reduce overall costs of new drug delivery, making life-saving/life-changing medicines more accessible to patients.
Kia Worrell

Kai Worrell

CEO, Worrell
Over the last five years, Kai and his team have shadowed over 500 clinicians and visited over 1000 patients homes around the world to inform new healthcare interventions.

Kai has worked on numerous drug delivery platforms and has now built a practice to build digital health capabilities around novel therapies.

He frequently shares his experiences, insights and passion for technology and design in healthcare through many speaking engagements around the globe.
Jacquie Olds

Jacquie Olds

Co-Founder, Sunsprite
Dr. Jacqueline Olds is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Along with her psychiatrist husband, Dr. Richard S. Schwartz, she founded GoodLux Technology in 2013, the first company to produce a wearable light tracker, SunSprite, for use in seasonal and non-seasonal depression. It allows you to use either sunlight or artificial bright light to fight depression, and know that you have gotten the "gold standard" dose. Its bluetooth capacity allows one to keep track of the data longterm with a mental health professional. Now the company has been renamed SunSprite and the light tracker is also being used for research into circadian rhythm in other disease processes besides SAD. Dr. Olds is a practicing psychiatrist in Cambridge, MA.

Anne Weiler

CEO and Co-founder, Wellpepper
Product management professional, CEO and co-founder, Wellpepper, Inc

Skills: Marketing & product management leader for start-up and established businesses in emerging and developed markets. Bringing new products to market: market opportunity, product planning, go-to-market & channel partner strategy, pipeline generation Marketing communication: value proposition, positioning & messaging, audience targeting, public & analyst relations Management: building successful teams & developing talent


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