Community is Everything.

Let's Grow Yours

We believe that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation.  

As technology accelerates, our human only characteristics such as emotion, intellect, intuition and instincts become more valuable than ever. Building community is now a strategic imperative.

"Modev brings a depth of capabilities that include content development, digital marketing and direct outreach that helps us exceed our goals and build a robust community."

—Rich Scarfo, PCHA

"It was fun and well organized. I was thrilled with the amount of excellent help from the team."

"This day really changed my life as an android developer."

"Freshness in content! Rather than being about the latest technique or development trend, it spoke to longer-term and more impactful topics, particularly at a personal level that extends beyond the walls of a company, development stack, or current job title."

"Life changing experience. You get to meet people who are way ahead of you in the field and you build personal connections with them which gives you a boost in your career and guidance in the right direction."

—Gurinder Singh

"A refreshingly different conference with practical, actionable information that will help you get ahead in your career."

—Heather Finn, Senior Product Designer

Turnkey Community Building

Focus on your mission, we'll do the rest

Persona Development
The key to building the right community is knowing exactly who's in it.
Email outreach
We develop the entire pre and post marketing and nurture campaigns to keep all informed.
Social media
We'll develop a social media content and engagement calendar that includes real-time management.
Community Strategy
We'll help you determine the most effective ways to engage and build your desired community.
Executive Roundtables
Event staffing 
We'll provide the entire staff for on-site event execution from registration to facilitation.   
Videography and photography
Having produced hundreds of events, we'll help capture and create lasting memories and marketing assets for your team. 
Sponsorship Sales
We have a full service sponsorship sales teams that will prospect, engage and close sponsorships for your event. 
Event planning
We'll manage all the logistics so you don't have to- space scouting, contracts, food & beverage, decor, etc.

Event Options 


Your platform front and center to drive training, adoption and community. We'll build the landing page, drive registrations and help facilitate the event. Durations can vary from a few hours to multiple days.


Hackathons can play a key role in adoption of your API, but making that adoption a lasting proposition is where experience counts. The Modev team will design a market focused hackathon event that's fun, inclusive and meaningful to your bottom line.


Community led recruiting is great for your brand and a cost effective way to find and engage high quality talent. Let us become your secret weapon and build a robust recruiting pipeline while growing your reputation as a thought leader.

Executive Events

From emerging startups to Fortune 100 companies, we help our corporate partners shape the conversation and connect with their most vital stakeholders- developers, technology leaders, partners and influencers.

Our Community Brands



Voice & chat development, design and marketing community


Machine learning, deep learning, data science and data engineering

DevOps Nirvana

Enterprise DevOps community


A Blockchain community for developers and the enterprise

Security by Design

A community about strong security practices from day 1 of development

EXO Leadership

Our EXO community is geared toward software executives building the worlds best organizations

Machinery.AI launched in Fall 2017 to bring together leading developers and platforms around machine learning. Launch sponsored by Capital One and Dimensional Mechanics.


In Summer of 2017 we worked with Amazon to deliver a 10-city Alexa Skills training tour- resulting in more than 1850 registrations and hundreds of new Skills published.

Promotion Reels

As part of our community partnerships, we'll work with our partners to produce market leading promotional assets including video, landing pages and more.

Meet the Modevators

We're a group of passionate technologists and community builders who believe in the importance of bringing people together to stay ahead of a fast moving technology landscape. Our shared values of creating a safe, supportive and inclusive community allows us to pursue our mission with illimitable energy and joy.

We're here to discuss your community building goals. 

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Fun Fact

In person networking is on average 300% more effective for business development, recruiting and platform adoption.