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Design in the age of AI

by Imran Haider

Design is often a misnomer. The kind of cool word that you want to use so people know you are doing important work. Even traditional roles are, sometimes, renamed so the term somehow shows up in them. The word, or field for that matter, was rather obscure before Apple started using it in product intro's. And since then everyone seems to have something to do with it. Which makes talking about the subject rather tricky. So, for the purpose of this article we will divide Design into two categories.

Artificial Intelligence, Where We Are

by Imran Haider

“As soon as it works, no one calls it AI anymore.” —John McCarthy

John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1956. And he rightly complained about it. The idea of computers getting more powerful than humans is not new. It has been with us since inception of computers itself. Yet, every time computers start to do what one generation considered sci-fi, the next generation takes it everything but AI.

EXO Software Summit: An attendee's perspective with Samir Shah of AARP

by Samir Shah

To say that the EXO Software Summit is the best conference I’ve been to is an understatement. What makes this so great? First, it’s not a conference, it’s a summit with 50 leaders from companies ranging from startups to unicorns. Second, there are no vendors, no sales pitches and there is no pressure among the community. Third, the leaders are there to share and listen. This, together with the great, natural location of Aspen, Colorado makes it such an inspiring, organic, energetic and safe environment.

Modev Announces Developer Evangelist Program

by Kathy Rasmussen

Modev is excited to announce a new service we are calling Evangelists on Demand. This includes the immediate placement of our first full-time Developer Evangelist and several part-time evangelist opportunities. This team will support Modev events including hackathons, workshops and other developer engagement initiatives. The ideal candidates are full-stack developers looking to make a diagonal industry move as an industry evangelist supporting developers across large and small enterprises. Candidates will have a proven ability to quickly learn and be proficient in partner APIs such as the Capital One Fintech APIs, Amazon Alexa API and similar. Must also be available for travel up to about 75% of the time.

Are you our next Head of Marketing?

by Pete Erickson

Modev is excited to announce an immediate opening for a Head of Marketing to take the company to the next level. The ideal candidate has a strong background in B2B marketing, technology marketing, digital marketing and is highly adept at utilizing the latest tools and methods for effective and measurable marketing campaign management.

We're growing- Head of Sales role now open

by Pete Erickson

Modev is excited to announce an immediate opening for a Head of Sales to operationalize our sales processes and fuel growth into several new markets. The company has developed a proven model for technology community engagement to support organizations focused on transformation. We’re looking for a dynamic sales leader who wishes to make a diagonal move from software or services sales into the dynamic and fast growing sector of community engagement. The ideal candidate has managed multiple Fortune 500 accounts and is motivated by seven figure sales quotas and building important new relationships. Hands-on experience with sales automation tools and processes such as Hubspot CRM, Salesforce and others is a must.

Obama White House UX Director to Keynote DC Event

by Martha Burwell

If there’s anyone who can share wisdom about how to strategically move into a tech leadership position, it’s Kara DeFrias, the keynote for our June 9th Code Writers Workshop in DC.

Six Common Challenges Faced by Software Delivery Managers

by Mackenzie Clench

Project management has been called an "inexact science," but in the context of software development and delivery, it can seem even more inexact. Every project faces a number of challenges, and identifying them is the first step to mitigation.

Modev offers $225,000 in EXO Summit Scholarships

by Pete Erickson

One of the greatest joys I get from building community is the positive impact it can have on peoples lives. At the end of the day, this is why we exist and why I do what I do. Last week at our Code Writers Workshop in Seattle, I believe we acheived a milestone as the event was cited by many as the most welcoming and inclusive tech event they'd ever attended. See pics here. I'm not sharing this to brag, I'm sharing because it is more clear than ever, that before all else, this has to be my goal as a community leader. Our Code of Conduct has evolved to reflect these values, but our mission hasn't caught up with it, until now. It may seem obvious that this should have been my priority all along, but as a tech event organizer for the past decade, so many other priorities sneak into the top of the heap- content, speakers, sponsors, cool venues, attendee experience, etc. Diversity, inclusion, welcoming environment have always been important, but when running a business and looking at the bottom line, it's easy to get distracted. But now I see it clearly, and I had to get here through experience and allowing others to help guide me.

Using Networking to Advance (and Enhance) Your Career

by Modev Staff

As a developer, you're already armed with an impressive set of skills. However, in an increasingly competitive workforce, candidates need to be able to do more than just hold their own in a code review. So called "soft skills" are becoming essential for career success. Things such as collaborating with subject matter experts who have no programming experience, communicating your assets, understanding your own value proposition and of course networking.