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Pete is the founder of Modev and creator of leading events such as VOICE Summit, Spinnaker Summit and has produced hundreds of events over the past twelve years. Pete resides in Arlington, VA with his wife, two kids and their dog Maisy.
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Modev Official Statement on the Ban

by Pete Erickson

I founded this community eight years ago after moving to Washington, DC from Seattle. The iPhone had recently come out and as a technologist and entrepreneur, I wanted to meet developers and others interested in developing apps and building new businesses. Little did I know what was in store after standing up a simple meetup group. Within a little over one year, I would meet more than a thousand people in the D.C. region and start a business I had no intention of starting when I arrived here. Modev is a community made up largely of immigrants from all over the world. I've befriended many and heard their stories long before this administration came into power. The Iranian who came here as a child after his family home was blown up in the Iran - Iraq conflict. America took them in, gave them a new start and he would go on to earn multiple degrees and start a successful tech company employing dozens in high paying jobs. The Hong Kong national whose parents sent him here using their life savings so he could have a chance at the American dream. When he arrived, he spoke very little English and took a job at the campus help desk which forced him to learn while trying to answer questions in a foreign language. Imagine the fear of that as a college kid. Today, he employs fifty people in high paying tech jobs and contributes to society through volunteerism and mentoring. The Syrian woman who arrived here at the start of the Syrian conflict to jump right into the tech scene to help those who are arriving get acclimated and into schools, jobs and homes. I believe our system was already flawed as my experience includes the Pakistani computer scientist who had to move back after unsuccesfully trying to get an H1-B visa job - he would go on to start a successful tech firm in his home country, not the U.S. where he desired to live. Stories like his are everywhere - super smart, educated in the U.S., and kicked out. The economic desires of the country coupled with our immigration policies weren't matching up. But now we're onto something wholly different. 

Unpacking the Amazon Underground

by Pete Erickson

Amazon Underground is a veritable wonderland for anyone who enjoys mobile gaming. It provides thousands of premium games that users can play for free with all in-app purchases included. Understanding how Amazon Underground works, why it’s important to gamers, and the drivers of its popularity can provide insights into what it offers for developers.

The EXO Software Summit Brings Together Software and Product Leaders

by Pete Erickson

I'm proud to announce the EXO Software Summit, the most recent in our event series held in Aspen, Colorado, and the first under our new EXO Leaders series. 

The EXO Software Summit brings together the world's top leaders in software engineering and product for two off-the-record days of private talks and ideas on this era of exponential change in software delivery. 

Attending the event this year are top software and product leaders from companies including Uber, Netflix, Target, SAS, LinkedIn, IBM, Amazon, CapitalOne, Zillow, Aol, and several others. Sponsored by CapitalOne, Target and SAS, the event will focus on topics including:

  • DevOps, Software Automation, Agile, Team Management, Cloud Migration, Microservices, Recruiting and Retention, and more. 

This is not a typical conference event. There are no vendors, recruiters, or press. Just top leaders and industry colleagues connecting in an intimate setting to discuss the topics that matter most in our industry. 

Three Key Traits that Keep People Coming Back to a Mobile Game

by Pete Erickson

The best mobile games on the market have many things in common. More than anything else, they are designed to capture attention, spread through social connections, and make the player feel good about their accomplishments.

4 Tablet Games Making Big Waves in the Industry

by Pete Erickson

Modern tablets are becoming as powerful as some laptops, which makes them ideal for anyone on the go. As such, there are several game developers who focus primarily on tablet-oriented games. Here are four examples of awesome tablet games that are big hits among the players and what makes them such strong successes.

Five Expert Tips to Develop an Awesome Game

by Pete Erickson

If you want to develop a game that (makes you money) and people will love, it needs to be more than awesome; it needs to be irresistible. You need a game that sucks players in and keeps them immersed. Here, you’ll learn how to start with five tips for doing just that.

How to Create an Appstore Presence that Makes People Download Your Game

by Pete Erickson

You’ve developed, designed, and honed your game, and you’re ready to put it on the Appstore. However, if you want people to download the game you’ve sunk your time, energy, and money into, you’ll need to create a positive and authoritative presence on the Appstore.

How to Create a Simple Game Mechanic that Challenges Users

by Pete Erickson

If there’s one thing about video games that keeps people coming back it’s simple but addictive mechanics that offer the right balance between challenge and satisfaction. It’s not easy to find the right balance between overly simple and brutally difficult in your game mechanics, but the following tips will help you to work that balance and ensure your games are doing what they are designed to do - entertain players.

Gaming Monetization Tips: How to Get it Done

by Pete Erickson

As a developer, you know that monetizing a video game isn’t easy, but with proven methods, revenue growth is certainly possible. You can use a variety of strategies to successfully monetize your existing or new apps, and it’s always good to keep a short list handy. To help you with the process, we’ve collected a short list of tactics you should consider.

Five Musts for a Viral Mobile Game

by Pete Erickson

According to the most recent Global Games Market Report published by Newzoo, gamers worldwide are expected to generate a total of $99.6 billion in revenues in 2016, up 8.5% compared to 2015. A good portion of this revenue will come from viral mobile games.  

For example, the math-based puzzle game 2048, which was released back in 2014, still generates thousands of dollars every single day, and King, the producer of Candy Crush Saga made $517 million in profit in 2015. Numbers like these present one crucial question: what makes a mobile game go viral?