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Jenny is an engineer turned tech writer. She has hands-on experience in VR, AR, video game development, and UX-focused Web Design and Development. Nowadays, she partners with tech-savvy companies to create content that helps people understand new technologies better. In her spare time, she hangs with Netflix and annoys her Amazon Alexa.
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LG Made An Airport Guide Robot and It's Going Places (Literally)

by J. Medeiros

Ever been lost at an airport?

Smart Devices: Let’s Get Real About Security

by J. Medeiros

Did you ever hear about that prankster who sent ominous messages to their neighbor’s wireless printer?

What Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Are Doing to Create The Most Conversational AI

by J. Medeiros

Google caused quite the stir in the AI community at the I/O Developer Conference when they unveiled Google Duplex. Some call it “an exciting step for Artificial Intelligence”, while others consider it a “terrifying piece of technology”.

From Storytelling to Settling Arguments: Voice Technology for Kids

by J. Medeiros

Parenting in the future is looking a lot less stressful.

Heads Up: Your Future Best Friend May Be A Bot

by J. Medeiros

 If you’re one of those people who bump into inanimate objects and instinctively apologize to them, you’re probably the type to say “please”, “thank you”, and “sorry” to your virtual assistant too.

How Voice-First Technology Can Drastically Change Aging

by J. Medeiros


How Major Publishers are Adapting to the Voice Movement

by J. Medeiros

Image credit: Digiday

Want to Increase Customer Engagement? Use a Robot.

by J. Medeiros

Anyone raised in the 90s will remember those little robotic dogs that would yelp incessantly and do backflips until their batteries (or a parent’s patience) ran out. At the time, it was the coolest thing in every kid’s eyes.

5 Awesome Personal Robots with Developer Programs

by J. Medeiros

What do we want?

Awesome personal robots!

Okay, well, you can already go buy them.

Now!– Wait. Really? Oh, nice.


Google Advises Businesses To Optimize Content For Voice Search

by J. Medeiros

Credit: Shutterstock/438753742

Downtown Newark will be humming as 1500+ professionals at the forefront of natural language processing connect and share. Get your all-access pass now.


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