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Industry leaders from Amazon, App Annie, Backflip Studios and more will discuss ads, retention, analytics, ASO, and social engagement for maximizing revenue.


Hear how bestselling apps monetize their games even when their apps are not open,
…and learn how you can do the same. 
Learn how to create influencers from your player community. Get tips on how to reach broadcasters and the media more effectively. 
Listen to developers talk about how they monetize their brand and IP to build their revenue ecosystem.


 FREE Registration. No Casual Connect pass required.
Attend your favorite sessions or stay all day.
Food, drinks, SWAG. 
Wednesday, July 20 | 9AM to 5PM
Salon 7, Yerba Buena Ballroom - San Francisco Marriott Marquis


Peter Heinrich, Developer Evangelist - Amazon Appstore

Peter Heinrich is a Developer Evangelist with Amazon, specializing in mobile development and web services. He speaks regularly on monetization, marketing, and best practices for creating apps and games on mobile platforms. Before Amazon, Peter was a full-time game developer for fifteen years, working on desktop and console titles before moving to online and mobile games. He co-founded indie game studios Smarterville and Zero Entertainment after working as an individual contributor for several large game companies.

Mike Hines - Amazon Appstore Developer Evangelist

Mike Hines, Developer Evangelist - Amazon Appstore

Mike Hines is a recovering serial entrepreneur, and is currently a Developer Evangelist for the Amazon Appstore. An advocate for getting more developers over the app poverty line, Mike is on a continuing mission to find out and share what currently is and isn’t working in mobile app monetization, and to identify trends that shape the industry.

Brooke Van Dusen - Director of Business Development, Twitch

Brooke Van Dusen, Director of Business Development - Twitch

Brooke is Twitch‘s Director of Game Developer Success, where he works with game studios interested in leveraging the Twitch platform as a central part of their growth and engagement strategies. Previously, he was responsible for Business Development at Twitch and oversaw the company’s ecommerce initiatives, platform relationships, and strategic partnerships. Brooke graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Communications of Science, Engineering & Technology, and Physics.


Nelson Rodriguez, Director, Games Industry Marketing - Akamai

Nelson Rodriguez has helped launch dozens of games across every platform, including blockbusters like Halo 3, Tekken 5, and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and indie titles like Tweet Defense and A Kingdom for Keflings. After two years on the Xbox marketing team, developing social and community strategy, Nelson spent six years creating award-winning digital marketing campaigns for clients like Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony and Hasbro. Nelson currently heads up Akamai Technologies' games industry marketing strategy.

Bryan Mashinter - Backflip

Bryan Mashinter, Game Director - Backflip

Bryan Mashinter has been working in the mobile industry much of his adult life. A long-time Producer, he is currently the Game Director for DragonVale at Backflip Studios. He loves beer, Dungeons and Dragons and Liverpool football. He dislikes entropy and he's not fond of writing about himself in the 3rd person. Twitter: @bryanmash


James Gwertzman, CEO - Playfab

James is CEO and Co-Founder of PlayFab, a backend platform for games that brings together in one place all the services that games need so they can scale with confidence. Before founding PlayFab, James spent more than 15 years as an executive on the game creation side, including 8 years at PopCap, where he started and ran in China PopCap’s first free-to- play studio. James is also an advisor to Code.org, where he served in 2013 as chief evangelist for the Hour of Code initiative that introduced more than 20 million students to computer science. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with a degree in computer science.


Mario Viviani, Developer Evangelist - Amazon Appstore 

Mario Viviani is Technology Evangelist at Amazon Appstore UK. He started mobile development in 2010, focusing on the Android platform. In 2011 he founded the mobile-focused startup Mariux Apps, developing both consumer-oriented and third-party apps, where he published more than 90 apps and reached more than 12 million total downloads. In 2013 he was awarded by Google of the Google Developer Expert title for Android, and has spoken at worldwide events including Droidcon, Android Developer Days, TEDx and Google I/O. Mario has also been an active part of the startup community. In 2015 he joined Amazon, where as Technology Evangelist he engages with the developer community and companies, presents Amazon newest technologies and ensures mobile app developers are up-to-date on Amazon devices and services.


Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, Vice-President, Marketing & Communications - App Annie

Fabien is responsible for App Annie’s marketing, PR and Community initiatives. Previously he was General Manager of Mobile at Perfect World, a publisher of hardcore mobile and PC games. Prior to Perfect World, Fabien was at DeNA West leading the marketing teams for the company’s mobile games with hits such as Rage of Bahamut and Marvel War of Heroes. He holds an M.B.A and B.A. from Grenoble Ecole de Management in France.


Abdullah Hamed, Solution Architect, Amazon Appstore  

Abdullah is a Solution Architect with Amazon Appstore, He is also a hobbyist game developer. He has been very active in the Arabic game industry, and he is passionate about helping game developers succeed. Before Amazon, he was an entrepreneur who founded the largest Arabic game developer online community, GameTako. He was also an indie developer who participated in multiple game jams, including Train Jam. He worked as VP of Operations at Lumba, Inc. which is a top grossing game development studio located in SF and Dubai.


9:00AM - Breakfast and Opening Notes
9:45AM - 10:10AM - Appstore Optimization by the Numbers: What's Currently Working in ASO

Speaker: Peter Heinrich

This presentation will help you improve your Appstore listing for increased success with all of your apps.

With hundreds of thousands of apps in the Amazon Appstore, we’ve seen a lot of app detail pages. We’ll share some guidelines that work well in our store, and show you how to avoid common mistakes that are costing you potential installs. You’ll learn how to build a promo video that avoid the ‘newbie’ look and create a page that drives installs. You don’t need to spend any money to generate more income from your listing, but you do need to make the right changes today.


10:30AM - 10:55AM What the Top 50 Apps Do with in App Purchasing That the Rest of Us Don't

Speaker: Mario Viviani

Amazon has collected data about how users engage with IAP in games, and we have reviewed how the most profitable apps are using IAP to monetize successfully. We found data on two levels: HOW and WHAT the top 50 do differently (Retention data, session length data, units sold and price data) to get those results. It turns out there are a handful of things that most of the top 50 do that other games don't. We’ll share that actionable data with you in this session and look at examples from Ninja Kiwi on how they used this data to improve their IAP sales.


11:00AM - 11:55AM Is This Really All There Is? More Ways to Monetize with Amazon

Speaker: Mike Hines

We’ve all heard of premium, freemium and ad-supported monetization models, but is that really all there is? In this presentation, we will review additional ways you can monetize your app with Amazon Coins and how you can get paid for every minute that players are active in your game with Amazon Underground. That’s not all, you’ll learn how to turn your game’s IP into a brand and make money with branded t-shirts with Merch by Amazon.


12:00PM - 1:00PM Lunch

1:00PM - 1:55PM How Successful Devs Engage and Retain Users

Moderator Fabien Nicolas - App Annie

Panelists: Nelson Rodriguez - Akamai, Bryan Mashinter - Backflip, Gabriel Goldwasser - Gameloft, My N. Tran - ADVR

Keeping users engaged in your game longer, increases player lifetime value. Join us as we sit down with some of the industry’s leading game developers and retention specialists to break down specific retention tactics, best practices, and learn the tools they are using in their games to understand and engage players. The panel will also talk about why users leave the games we want them to love, and what we can do about it.


2:00PM - 2:25PM Monetizing When Your Game Isn't Even Open

Speaker: Abdullah Hamed

Today, most monetization efforts take place within the confines of a game, but there are more ways to monetize your game than the traditional IAP and ads. Join us in this talk and learn specific things you can do to encourage word of mouth advertising, increase the likelihood you'll be picked up by a broadcaster or the press, and how to create alternate streams of revenue that occur entirely outside the game.


2:30PM - 2:55PM Actionable Analytics - Using Better Data Better

Speaker: James Gwertzman

Mobile Analytics can be overwhelming when it comes to taking data you are tracking and converting it into actionable insights on player behavior, retention and monetization mechanisms. In this talk, James Gwertzman, CEO of PlayFab, will show you not just what can be measured in your game, but what SHOULD be measured, and how you can take action on it so you can get the results you want. He will also discuss the future of data use; real-time analytics and how to think about using data while the player is still playing. You will leave with things you can start doing today to collect better to inform your decisions. 

3:00PM - 3:25PM Coffee Break

3:30PM - 3:55PM Turbocharge Your Fan Base with Twitch

Speaker: Brooke Van Dusen

The live video ecosystem is booming. It has given game developers a whole new medium through which they can connect with their fan-base and build a community. Join Twitch's Brooke Van Dusen as he takes a close look at the ecosystem of live video, different ways broadcasters integrate game systems into their communities, and how developers are designing new and unique games built for video platforms. In this session, you will learn design tips that will help you make a game UI well-suited for streaming. You will also learn how you, as a developer, can leverage Twitch to promote engagement within your game.


4:00PM - 4:25PM Reach More Players: Smart Design for Streaming Media Devices

Speaker: Peter Heinrich

Generating more business from your game depends in part on acquiring more users for your game. Putting your games in the living room in front of more screens is a great way to reach more potential players. With powerful hardware and full-featured gamepad controller support, today’s new generation of Android-based streaming media devices offers you a quick path to take your existing Android game and deploy it to living rooms via streaming media devices like the Fire TV. In this talk you will learn what game-design considerations to keep in mind when deploying your game to a streaming media device.


4:30PM - 4:45PM Closing - Mike Hines

What to Expect

Meet game developers just like you
Learn from Industry Leaders
Invigorate your motivation and purpose
Emerge with actionable ideas

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Amazon Developer Day 2016, San Francisco Marriott Marquis

San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Yerba Buena Ballroom | Salon 7


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