Why Developing for Voice is Crucial

Voice is transforming how the world consumes information and fundamentally redefining the way we communicate.

Early adopters--developers, agencies, innovators and brands--have an amazing opportunity to get on board and position themselves for success.

More and more, companies are finding the need for a VoiceFirst strategy. Equip your team with the skills they need to be successful and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world.


33 million

There are 33 million voice-first devices across the United States (VoiceLabs)


Across the globe, 80% of developers are embracing AI (Stack Overflow)

325.8 million

It's estimated that 325.8 million people used voice control each month (GWI)


Attend one of our workshops and join the ranks of thousands of designers, developers, and brands who’ve created more than 35,000 skills for Alexa.

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This workshop is one of the best time investments I've ever made. Since learning to design, build and publish skills my career trajectory is on a new level."   

Mary Anderson, Seattle Developer

Meet Your Instructors



Jake Kelly Lead Instructor

Jake has toured the nation teaching developers how to build Alexa Skills and currently writes and maintains the Github modules for Alexa skills design and development. 


Rob McCauley Alexa Evangelist | Amazon

Robert McCauley is a software engineer and Alexa Solutions Architect at Amazon.com. He helps to organize and run Hackathons for the Amazon Alexa developer community and supports developers learning the Alexa Skills Kit to build new, voice-enabled applications. He's extremely happy at his current job. Robert earned his BSEE in Electrical Engineering at Bucknell University.

What We'll Cover

Over the course of this 3-day workshop, you’ll work with sample code to learn how to make your Alexa Skill useful, robust, and engaging. We’ll be using AWS Lambda examples in node.js, but you can write yours in Java, Python, or C# if you prefer. From calling an API to integrating with home automation, you’ll get hands-on experience creating, publishing, and pushing updates to a multi-modal skill.

We work closely with Amazon to ensure you are learning skills that are relevant and in-demand in your region. If you’re serious about building a career in voice design, we’ll equip you with the skills you need to confidently design for voice and bolster your job prospects. 
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for Voice

Our lead instructor is dedicated to equipping developers and designers with the skills and tools to design for Alexa, including differentiators of traditional design vs. Voice and any potential challenges.

Develop & Publish

Throughout the three-day workshop, participants will learn first-hand how to build and maintain an engaging multi-modal skill, along with all the support they need to see it right through to completion.

Post-Event Support

Perhaps the most important differentiator is our follow-through. We want you to feel confident with your new skills and won't leave you hanging. Count on getting the post-event support you need to be successful.

Presentation: Why Voice User Interface 

Workshop: Designing Your First Skill 

Lecture: Designing for Voice 


Workshop: Designing Conversation

Lecture: Dialog Management 

Workshop: Tools for Capturing User Input

Q & A 15 min

Lecture: Monetizing with In Skill Purchases

Workshop: Adding In Skill Purchases


Lecture: Working with IoT

Workshop: Creating a Skill for IoT

Lecture: Common Barriers to Publishing

Workshop: Publish Your Skill

Day 2 Adjourn 

Lecture: Key to Getting Featured

Workshop: Monitor Your Skill


Workshop: Updating Your Live Skill

Presentation: 2-3 minute skills demos among the class 






Desire to Learn

Our most successful attendees have an innate desire to learn, build their skill set and discover new ways of approaching problems.



We'll provide the coffee and wi-fi; you bring a fully-functioning laptop, and any personal items you may want (mouse, notepad, power cord).


AWS Account

Prior to the workshop, we recommend you create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) profile if you don't already have one.  

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Skills Builder


Skills Builder
3 Days Hands-on Training
Voice Design & Development Handbook
Sample Code
Nourishment - breakfast & lunch each day
Networking Dinner
Alexa Boot Camp Certificate
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Skills Maven


Skills Maven
3 Days Hands-on Training
Voice Design & Development Handbook
Sample Code
Nourishment - breakfast & lunch each day
Networking Dinner
1 month - Post Event Instructor Access via Private Slack Channel
2 hours - Live Skills Publishing Support
Alexa Boot Camp Certificate
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Skills Master


Skills Master
3 Days Hands-on Training
Voice Design & Development Handbook
Sample Code
Nourishment - breakfast & lunch each day
Networking Dinner
2 months - Post Event Instructor Access via Private Slack Channel
4 hours - Live Skills Publishing Support
Skills Announcement via Modev Blog
Alexa Boot Camp Certificate
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 Group Rates

Want to get multiple team members up to speed on developing for voice?

We offer group rates:
3 seat bundle - 24% off Skill Builder
6 seat bundle - 37% off Skill Builder
10 seat bundle - 49% off Skill Builder

Want additional details? Fill out the form and someone from our team will get in touch shortly.



Need to Make the Case for Alexa Bootcamp?

Are you trying to show your manager the value of attending an Alexa Bootcamp? If so, download our pre-written template and send to your boss to justify your trip.


Our workshops are specifically designed to give developers the knowledge and tools needed to build, publish, and maintain successful Alexa skills. They are a good fit for anyone who has programming experience and an aptitude for learning new technologies.

You will want to have some basic programming experience.  Amazon's skill development tools are made to interface with either Node.js, Python, or C#, so in order to be successful, students must have a grasp of the fundamentals in one or more of these languages.

Prior to the workshop, we recommend you create an AWS profile if you don't already have one.  While it's free to do so, it does require a credit card.

We will fully refund within seven days of purchase, and then all sales are final. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds within 72 hours of the event.

You can transfer your registration to another person at any time; please email amanda@modev.com to let us know about the individual who is taking your place.

Workshop sizes range from 30 to 45 people.

No, there will not be any assigned homework during the program.  However, attendees are free to continue working on their own Alexa skills during downtime.

At the end of these three days, you will know how to design, build, test, and publish an Alexa skill on the Amazon store. You will also learn how to update and perform maintenance on your skill once published. Learn more about some of the topics we'll cover.

Get 1 -2 months of post-event Instructor access via a Slack Channel, and 2-4 hours of live skills publishing support, depending on the package you choose.

The Alexa Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to network with other professional and expand your skills, meaning you're better positioned to land a role with top employers in your industry.

If you're currently employed, do you need to convince your manager to let you attend the Alexa Bootcamp coming to your city?  Download our ask letter.

We believe the best events are ones where all types of people feel welcome and included.

Please email us at amanda@modev.com with dietary restrictions or special needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

We work to organize communities and events where there is a need to bring the right people and technologies together to advance as individuals and organizations.  We organize over 40 events each year, ranging from intimate workshops to full-scale conferences.


For more information, please contact:

Amanda Said, Workshop Manager